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2005.08.17 The Whatever Sandwich

Being a creature of habit, my lunch varies only ever so slightly. I usually try to take leftovers to work for my meals. If I don't have that, or a sandwich from home, then I'll usually force myself into buying something from the cafeteria. After an easy debate, I usually settle on the sandwich bar, and I have the worker make me what I started calling the "Whatever Sandwich". Whatever they feel like making, I feel like eating.

The cafeteria isn't much different than most other business cafeterias. It has a grill area that serves overcooked burgers, some fries, onion rings, and some overpriced daily special. There is a salad bar, a hot food area (the usual cafeteria mush, or meat, or whatever), a selection of soups, an asian "cuisine" area, and finally my chosen sandwich bar.

Since I'm a creature of habit, I prefer the sandwich, both because of the general price, as well as the controlled variety. I figure that if these people spend hours each day preparing sandwiches for other people, they probably have a general clue about what would be good on a sandwich. It helps that I am one of very few people to order this type of sandwich. Anybody else who orders it is only aware of its existence because of me.

I doubt that your local sandwich maker is aware of such a sandwich, but I would encourage you to give it a try. It is fairly pleasing to see the results of it, since you establish a warmer relationship with the maker, and generally get a better sandwich than you deserve.

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