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2007.11.16 Unique to the Taker

I think the person who took any photograph has a different affinity with that photo than all other viewers of that photo in the future. As we know, photos are visual representations of a moment in time, but what has struck me lately is the additional aspects they represent: a specific location, vantage point, and mental everythingness (yes, that's a word). The person who is going to be tied the most to that photo, is the person who is mentally tied to it. I think that somewhere deep down that person is able to remember the circumstances surrounding that photo. Let me give you a couple examples…


2007.09.26 The World Upside Down

I've been wondering how things would be if our globe was pictured the opposite of how it is now—Antarctica at the top of the world, Canada and Russia at the bottom. Keep north pointing towards the top of the globe, and south towards the bottom. How has our/my mentality of the world been molded by how I see things laid out on a map, or a globe? Take all of your feelings, whether you're totally aware of them or not, about the north and south and swap them. Here are couple thoughts I've had about it, and some I just came up with:

Those aren't really earth shattering… just… different. It's interesting to swap your thinking about something that is so universal (in our little world). Imagine the different take on things had that been the way. One reason I think the North has become the top of the world is only that it is where modern civilizations started. Once they figured out there was more than just their little village, they put themselves in the presumably dominant position - on top. I've never taken any sort of classes that would discuss things like this, but it was just something I was thinking about. Just wanted to share.

2007.09.10 A Lot Fewer Headaches

It's this easy: make the product easy to open. I'm not talking about certain types of products, I'm talking about all products (though Mother's (pink and white) Circus Animal Cookies are the product that made me write this). It's the worst when you're trying to open something, and not only does it open, eventually, but it opens a little excessively and either rips down the side of the bag, or essentially explodes, making stuff go everywhere. Chips seem to be a popular thing to cause these issues. Electronics are tough, but only the ones those plastic-stamped cases that require either a pair of super tough scissors, or an act of deity to open. I'm aware that some of the products are packaged in a way to either cut down on theft, or to make the product not burst open at some point pre-consumer consumption… but for all the money we spend on these freakin' things, you'd think they could invest at least a little in making the packages more friendly to consumers. Despite the serving size of 6 cookies, I have a ruined bag on my hands, and I'm not willing to let them go bad, just because Mother's can't engineer a decent bag.

2007.03.21 More with Less

I imagine I could accomplish more by doing less, at least in some cases. I know this applies to more than just me. Coca-Cola could completely stop advertising and I would still buy just as much Diet Coke as I do currently. I imagine that there are several others out there that feel the same way. It's not like I think, “I just saw a commercial for Coca-cola, so I'll keep drinking Coke. Uh oh… now this one is for Pepsi, time for me to drink Pepsi instead.” I think they both could keep the millions/billions spent on advertising, and just keep getting my money I spend on their drinks. They'd get more money, by doing less work. With something like this, I wonder what other things out there in general, or even more specifically in my life, could use less work/attention/effort and be able to come out ahead. I might be able to start with the length of entries on my blog.

2005.08.17 The Whatever Sandwich

Being a creature of habit, my lunch varies only ever so slightly. I usually try to take leftovers to work for my meals. If I don't have that, or a sandwich from home, then I'll usually force myself into buying something from the cafeteria. After an easy debate, I usually settle on the sandwich bar, and I have the worker make me what I started calling the "Whatever Sandwich". Whatever they feel like making, I feel like eating.


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