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2014.01.07 Zelda Cross Stitch

Zelda Cross Stitch

Last night I finished cross stitching this. I didn't measure, but I think it took me around five hours. Why did I all of a sudden decide to cross stitch something? Part of it had to do with my mother cross stitching when I was young, and another part probably had to do with my daughter getting a small sewing kit for Christmas. In that kit was a cross stitch sampler, and that curiosity of cross-stitching was re-ignited. I didn't want to make a Precious Moments cross stitch, so I went to a theme I could enjoy - Zelda. I'll spare you too many details, but I can at least leave you with these few resources if you want to maybe give it a shot yourself:

I'm already debating what my next project might be. I doubt this will become my new passion, but it's a good way to unwind, and have something to show for your time.

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