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2015.09.07 I Shure Love These Earphones

Shure SE215

The other night I was asked if I had a recommendation for earphones, and after gushing about a pair for 10 minutes, I figured I should share with the rest of you (acknowledging how few people will actually read this). I was tired of going through three pairs of earphones in the $40-$50 range every year, and finally ponied-up for a nicer pair of earphones, and I struck immediate gold. I love Shure's SE215 earphones. I do. I love them. My wife was jealous of the overflowing words of praise I had for them, and she will likely shake her head at seeing this post. Regardless, here's why I love them:

Did I mention that I loved this company? It might seem counter-intuitive to make your products better for the same price. But here's what they have in me: a customer for life, and an entire blog post about how much I love their headphones.

(We'll ignore my alternate love affair with Shure's SRH440's, with the alternate velour earpads. These things are amazingly comfortable, even with a gigantic head. They let your ears breathe, never make your head/ears hot, but they also provide great sound.)


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