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2019.06.11 My Clean Floors!


We moved recently, and have had several discussions about how we want our new home to be different than our old home. One of our repeated lines is, "We're in charge of the house - the house isn't in charge of us." In that same vein, it's so easy to fall victim

The house doesn’t want the floors clean. What the house wants is a Clean Floors Monitor, eternally bound to the state of the floors, always admonishing, always testing, ever vigilant, eyes trained forever downward to catch an errant crumb or a shower-fresh footprint. What the house wants is for you to leave your mother and your father, set up enmity between brothers and sisters, and marry the floors. Well, I won’t do it. Come on over and keep your shoes on.

We aim to treat our things nicely, but we hope to have a home we (and others) feel comfortable in. A refuge. "Come on over and keep your shoes on."

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