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2021.02.04 Follow Him

Follow Him

This year I'm determined to really dive into Doctrine & Covenants. This podcast has sure helped bring additional context to the revelations, meaning to verses, and history that I had overlooked. John and Hank are great hosts, and so far the line-up has been stellar. #

2021.01.28 And The Writer Is... Jon Bellion

And The Writer Is... Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is relatively new (and unknown) to me. I've enjoyed a number of his songs, and knew nothing about him. Though long, this podcast episode was fantastic, and filled with lots of nuggets of wisdom both from Jon himself, as well as Ross Golan. I simply don't think about lots of the things these guys were talking about, and I loved it. #

2021.01.27 33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me

33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me

It's a great list, with several things I've totally stolen for myself, and lots of links worth clicking through for more info. #

2021.01.27 8 Logical Fallacies that Mess Us All Up

8 Logical Fallacies that Mess Us All Up

I took a "Critical Thinking" course at some point in college, and it felt like the majority of the class was about logical fallacies. Although I didn't particularly like the class at the time, it has been one of the classes I feel like I reference the most. I liked these reminders, though I admittedly don't understand the author's tendency towards profanity. #

2020.01.07 Kottke: What do you care about?

Kottke: What do you care about?

I've had this tab open for months (let's ignore the irony in that), but I think it has more to do with the constant message that I can be reminded of:

Know who you are, what you care about, and the difference you’re trying to make in the world.

I love Kathy Sierra's tips to combat information anxiety (or modern FOMO). Potentially what keeps speaking to me is summarized in this quote from Gandhi in the linked article by Doug Bradshaw:

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. #

2019.11.04 Gordon MacKenzie’s Analogy To Explain Why Time Is Key For The Creative Process

Gordon MacKenzie’s Analogy To Explain Why Time Is Key For The Creative Process

I've witnessed this issue before - a place that felt they needed to be hyper focused on productivity, not seeing how some allowed time for creativity might alleviate their problems, or lead them in a newer/better direction. Interesting analogy. Moo-y bueno, if I make a bad pun.

A management obsessed with the productivity usually has little patience for the quiet time essential to profound creativity. #

2019.07.12 The Rise and Fall of “Mentally Retarded”

The Rise and Fall of “Mentally Retarded”

An interesting article on the "euphemism treadmill" of terms used to describe a condition. I'm absolutely guilty of having been one of the "10 year olds" he describes, but I'm sensitive enough to find the article informative and share it with others. I found myself nodding along at several points, but this paragraph particularly resonated with me:

By declaring the word an insult and also no longer an official term, the community set up a circular argument. If “mental retardation” is no longer an official, or acceptable, term for a specific group of people, how does using it as insult against those who aren’t in that group denigrate those who are? Like "idiot," "moron" and "imbecile," "retarded" is no longer an official term; it is merely an insult on par with "stupid." It doesn’t officially refer to any group, and so it doesn’t denigrate any group. The previous link between insult and official term will fade from memory, as with "idiot." One way or the other, by choosing to abandon the official term, the community gives up the right to be offended by it. They don’t own the word anymore. Instead, we will have to go through this process all over again with the new term.

Hm. #

2019.06.25 What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble

What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble

Dan's a good guy, who I've followed on the interwebs for longer than he's done Dribbble. He shares a bunch of good points, several of which I've been thinking over lately. This is well-timed for me. #

2019.06.11 My Clean Floors!

My Clean Floors!

We moved recently, and have had several discussions about how we want our new home to be different than our old home. One of our repeated lines is, "We're in charge of the house - the house isn't in charge of us." In that same vein, it's so easy to fall victim

The house doesn’t want the floors clean. What the house wants is a Clean Floors Monitor, eternally bound to the state of the floors, always admonishing, always testing, ever vigilant, eyes trained forever downward to catch an errant crumb or a shower-fresh footprint. What the house wants is for you to leave your mother and your father, set up enmity between brothers and sisters, and marry the floors. Well, I won’t do it. Come on over and keep your shoes on.

We aim to treat our things nicely, but we hope to have a home we (and others) feel comfortable in. A refuge. "Come on over and keep your shoes on." #

2019.06.11 You Got This.

You Got This.

I needed this extra nudge from one of those people that has been around longer than I. I've had this tab open for weeks.

Learning new things is hard, and it gets harder if you’re rusty at it, but it gets easier if you keep at it. Or so I tell myself, and my friends tell me.

. . .

You can do this, because I can, and I’m more stubborn and more full of myself than you ever were.

So to my old-school sisters and brothers in HTML. If you’re struggling to learn new things today so you can do your job better tomorrow, I’m going to tell you what a friend told me this morning:

“You got this.”

If there's one constant in our field, it's change. And to keep up, you've got to do the same. You got this. #

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