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2007.11.22 Giving 100 Thanks - 2007

Inspired in some ways by others' lists/comments (1, 2, 3), I'm going to list 100 things for which I am thankful, or which make me happy. There's no particular order here, and I'm bound to forget something, or leave something out. Just a little activity for me on a day dedicated to giving thanks…


2007.07.13 Speed-o-meter

The other day I was speaking with somebody and they pronounced "speedometer" like "SPEED-oh-mee-ter" as opposed to "sped-AWE-meh-ter". I thought to myself and commented afterwards, "If that's what that's called, wouldn't it be measuring speedos instead of… speed?" For the record, I'd like to provide you a list of things that I'd personally like to nothave to deal with on a daily basis, let alone measure (in no particular order):

I think things pretty much speak for themselves in that list. :)

2007.07.02 5 Things - Listmania

I was (not super officially) tagged by Shelby to do the latest list thing. I'm happy to oblige, since I've never truly been tagged for one of these things but have been secretly wanting to do one. I modified the list back to the original requirement of 5 items and added the question she chose to exclude (plus added a new one of my own creation). Nothing here is listed in any particular order.


2006.12.20 Feelings about 2006

Despite the fact that I publish things on the internet and allow pretty much anybody to read it, I'm still a fairly private person. This year is about to come to a close and I've experienced far more than I've talked about on this blog.


2006.09.28 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents didn't belong at school. They're not allowed to go to Parent-Teacher Conferences or to the Open House. Kramer (of Seinfeld origin) was one messed up character, but of his many bits of wisdom, I couldn't agree more with his theory about "colliding worlds" (Episode #118 - The Pool Guy). The point is, there are two separate worlds in which most of us live. During elementary-high school, there is the school world, and the home world. They both generally serve as the sanctuary from the other. When the two worlds come in contact - it's "gunna be trouble."


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