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2016.03.06 Wii Hacking Links

Years ago I hacked my Wii, and I was/am thrilled with it. I have no interest in pirating games, but I'm very interested in my kids not scratching the game discs, and leaving them out to be ruined. Hacking my Wii allowed me to hook up a hard drive to the Wii, and show them how to play any/every game we own without ruining another (expensive) disc. I'm not going to bother trying to do a comprehensive write-up of how I went about doing it, but I'm doing a clean-up of all of my (still) open tabs, and all of these go together. In case you're a person who cares about this sort of thing, you get the benefit of having some helpful links together. If you're not a person who cares, you'll likely ignore this, as you have with so much other stuff on my site.

I share these links in the general order that I needed them. Since it's been so long since I originally hacked my Wii, I don't really remember what I needed/used on each page/site. Regardless, here they are:

  • Before you begin - Complete Softmod Guide - This a good general walk-through, and will give you some clue if you're really up to it. Although it has some details, I wanted a bit more authority.
  • GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial - Lots of great walk-throughs on various pieces. Pay particular attention to his walkthrough on IOS236. Fortunately, he has a lot more explained (in detail) than the prior link.
  • Configurable USB Loader - The most essential piece of this all, since this is what you run to run all of your Wii/GC games.
  • det1re.de/d/ - Seems to be a place to get a variety of the software/roms/wads/etc they ask for in the installers
  • Multi-Mod Manager 13.4 - No clue
  • The Ultimate DIOS MIOS Tutorial - A good walk-through to install DIOS MIOS, which lets you soft-launch your GameCube games/ROMs from Configurable USB Loader.
  • DIOS MIOS - The actual DIOS MIOS

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