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2007.03.21 More with Less

I imagine I could accomplish more by doing less, at least in some cases. I know this applies to more than just me. Coca-Cola could completely stop advertising and I would still buy just as much Diet Coke as I do currently. I imagine that there are several others out there that feel the same way. It's not like I think, “I just saw a commercial for Coca-cola, so I'll keep drinking Coke. Uh oh… now this one is for Pepsi, time for me to drink Pepsi instead.” I think they both could keep the millions/billions spent on advertising, and just keep getting my money I spend on their drinks. They'd get more money, by doing less work. With something like this, I wonder what other things out there in general, or even more specifically in my life, could use less work/attention/effort and be able to come out ahead. I might be able to start with the length of entries on my blog.

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