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2006.04.11 G2 20060331

g2_20060331_front.jpgI really enjoy music. Throughout the dating experience of Maria and I, and continuing into marriage, I have made her CD's which she can listen to. I originally made them as a sort of a souvenir for a specific date, where the disc was the soundtrack for a date, and she got to keep a copy. Yeah, it's a little cheesy, but it worked well enough to get her to marry me. I really only have this here for sharing purposes. You might find a song you like, you might not.


2005.12.06 Christmas Cards

I'm not really keen to Christmas Cards. They're nice to get from others. I enjoy looking at their pictures. I generally struggle to get through the letters, since they're just too long. I'm glad that little Billy is in whatever grade, and that he's doing whatever extra curricular activities. But let's be honest - if I didn't already know these things, then they're probably not that important to me right now. You say that you have some new big news that so-and-so is going to wherever, and will be gone for however long? Okay, that might be big news. But, like I stated before, if I don't already know, then it probably isn't that important. Send me a picture, say something nice and generic (really, I'm serious on that one), and I'll have a good holiday as well. Off I go to have some shortbread.


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