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2006.06.01 Project Teams

Have you ever been included on a project then never really felt like you were actually on the project? Sometimes there are meetings that are happening that you feel like you should be part of, but for some reason you're not invited. Sometimes you overhear or witness conversations and think to yourself, "Should I be listening to that, or even taking part?" There are of course the other kind of projects that aren't official, yet you still feel like you should be part of, but you're not.


2006.04.19 Office Co-Workers

I've only tried to write about this now four times. This time though, I'm determined. Originally I was going to write about the Karpman Drama Triangle, then it was that same thing, but with regards to work, then I was just going to write about people who always think their life is the worst or they're the busiest or the most stressed (generally those who constantly play the victim role in that triangle), and now I'm going to just talk about people at work in general and the roles they play.


2006.03.09 Conference Them In

Frequently I am on conference calls at work. For some whacked reason, people think that none of us is as smart as all of us, but they fail to grasp the effectiveness, or lack thereof on a conference call. Sometimes, while on a call, people feel the need to get somebody else on the call that wasn't on the call to begin with. So what do they do? They end up calling the poor sucker, and conferencing them in the second that they answer the phone. Now they not only have to talk to the person they thought was calling (thanks to caller ID), but a whole group of people.


2006.03.06 End of Class Surveys

Surveys at the end of a class are understandable. You want to see how well you performed, so you come up with a way for your students to 'anonymously' submit feedback so you can improve your future classes. What I don't understand is when you do almost none of the instruction, and still expect the feedback.


2006.02.03 The Intern (me)

I'm doing an internship in a different department at the moment. The one person who currently does the job has found another job within the company. Being the only intern, when the position became available to apply for, I applied. Well, when they decided to hire two people for the overworked position, and I wasn't one of them, naturally I was a little disappointed. The best part of it that as they transition to the new people, their plan is to have me learn all the responsibilities, do the job as one person (that they've hired two people to do), and then train the new people when they finally get here. Gotta love the business world.


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