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2007.11.22 Giving 100 Thanks - 2007

Inspired in some ways by others' lists/comments (1, 2, 3), I'm going to list 100 things for which I am thankful, or which make me happy. There's no particular order here, and I'm bound to forget something, or leave something out. Just a little activity for me on a day dedicated to giving thanks…


2007.11.20 Two, no, wait... Three with One Stone

We're supposed to be impressed when people say they've killed two birds with one stone - if those are real kills, or just being efficient. If that's the pinnacle of efficiency, then how am I supposed to feel when I catch three mice in one trap… in one night? Efficientest? Coolestest? Bestest everest? Some of you may be tired of reading about my various adventures in mouse-ocide, but when they're not getting into my house any longer (4 weeks of sanity, and counting), I get sick pleasure out of killing the little SoM's. I feel like I need to share in my joy with others. FYI, I caught another one in a tin cat last night as well. Four in one night is a record for me, and now bumps my total number up to 22 mice (yeah, sick). The other day when we saw one of our neighbors, he asked how things where going, at which point I gave him an update (not sure why he doesn't read my blog), and he told me that he might start calling me “Killer”. I think I'll stick with “Pedro”.

2007.11.06 Mousecapades II

We had a mouse get into our home back in may as you may remember. Maybe you don't, or maybe you never knew—either way, it happened. It wasn't the best experience, but we were pleased to limit our damages and be done quickly. Little did we know that a little over four months later we would end the lives of at least 14 mice. “At least?” That's right… at least 14, since I don't know how many fury little things ate the poison I spread all around the place. Thankfully, we're now celebrating two weeks of silence tonight. Allow me to explain.


2007.10.11 G2 20071012

G2 20071012 FrontThe G2 collection has rolled onward. This time in honor of my anniversary with Maria. Although I started making this particular edition in attempt to meet up with Maria's birthday, I didn't make anywhere nearly in time. This one had a very specific set of music from which to pick and choose. In honor of Maria being a child of the 70's, and me being generally a fan of the 70's, I decided to make this collection entirely out of 70's music – specifically songs from the Billboard Top 100 charts. I made another CD in the G2 series. As usual, I provide the song list more for information rather than input. I'm not opposed to input, but it's not going to change anything (since I've already given it to her). I'll throw out the disclosure on this one that there are more songs on these 2 discs that I would never give to her in all seriousness. If you're saying to yourself, “Whoa… he confessed to giving her that song?” – that's almost 100% guaranteed on there in reference to an inside joke or something along those lines. I'll talk more about the artwork below the song lists.


2007.08.16 Hole in Wonder

Usually the question is asked when we when we step onto the tee box of a Par 3… "Have you seen one?" My father asks it almost every time. If not him, then maybe my brother does. The answer has always been no. Today on the 15th hole at Navy Golf Course in Seal Beach that answer was changed. Apparently no more than 1 minute after telling himself that maybe he was done for the day, and maybe even for longer (since he was playing so bad), my father took his 6 iron and at a smooth 165 yards did the most efficient thing possible in golf, and just put it in the hole. Congratulations. I wish I could have been there.

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