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2007.04.17 Picky Eaters

I don't understand picky eaters. That's probably because I'm not one. I've seen a number of different styles of picky eaters. They all have their reasons for choosing to eat or not eat something, and I have chosen to make observations about these things (as you may have noticed by a blog full of these observations).


2007.01.08 In Memory of Mr. Cup Noodle

A hero. A legend. A modern-day and non-fictional Robin Hood. A destroyer of hunger. Ando Momofuku, the inventor of the world's first instant noodle, has died. He was 96. He shall be known for his hand in Cup Noodle (not "Cup o' Noodles" like some people like to say), Top Ramen and for helping the countless number of impoverished people that have looked to his food for a helping hand. In honor of his passing (unlike my memorial for Aaron Spelling) I offer this haiku:

Tasty Top Ramen
Makes me full for ten minutes
Then I need more food

And because I'm a little emotional about this all still, I offer this additional haiku:

Some little green peas,
Somehow in this Cup Noodle
I think they're gross

If you find time during your day, please be sure to observe a moment of silence in honor of him. My condolences go out to his family and others that he left behind.

2006.12.27 More Fast Food Intelligence

Today when placing my order in the drive-through/thru, I was asked if my order was to stay or to go. Not only do these people get paid the lowest legal amount possible, but their IQ may be on par with their pay.

2006.10.27 Fast Food Workers

Twice in the past week have I visited a fast food "restaurant". The workers I fully respect. For the most part they do a job I'm not willing to do for equal wages (I'll let you know when I think of the exception to that). I come to relate a story from those two instances, both showing why I might have issues in working with individuals of an equal level of competency.


2006.08.16 The Impossible

The ImpossibleI have achieved the near impossible. It was difficult and required immense concentration. I knew that if I focused hard enough, and kept the prize in mind, that I would be able to accomplish that which I had originally set out to do. The goal (from my understanding) had never been set so high. Owls are claimed to be very wise, but if the official owl failed at this as well, then maybe their wisdom is just knowledge as they failed to apply that knowledge correctly. I made it all the way through a Tootsie Pop without biting it. Yeah, I know… I'm cool.

I'm aware that the official challenge is to find out how many licks it takes. I viewed the real challenge as not biting it. Other people have already spent too much time trying to figure that out. (random note here - that whole "send in your wrappers which have indians and stars and get a free bag of tootsie pops" thing? total sham)

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