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2007.03.05 By Last Name Only

People refer to somebody else by their last name in only small number of cases (and it should stay this way). I'm willing to take the time to dissect those situations, and discuss (ad nauseam) why this is ever permissible.


2007.02.07 American Idol Delusion

I know I'm a junkie. My TiVo has it set as a season pass, and I watch it faithfully. Although I enjoy the later rounds what with the voting and all that sort of thing, I'm most fascinated by the aura of American Idol the show. It seems to impact countless people. All of those people who try out, watch the show, and talk about the show. I thought the impression on last year's Google Zeitgeist was interesting as well. I think it's not very surprising, considering how many times we have to read about the new records set by the show, or how poorly other shows perform that are on at the same time. What I choose to address is the delusion possibly caused by American Idol, primarily in those who try out (contestants), and those who watch the show (lounge chair judges). Delusion at it's best.


2007.01.29 Range of "Bless-you" Obligation

Somebody sneezed today and I wondered what my obligation to say "bless-you" was to them, considering the pysical distance and people between us. With that in mind, and in the spirit of the superb blog "Indexed" I came up with this:

Range of 'Bless-You' Obligation

I'm aware that there could be several more factors in this, but this is a good basis.

2007.01.18 Supposably, Acrossed, Ecspecially

Some people use words that don't exist, yet the rest of us act like nothing is wrong. These non-existent-word users must be stopped. Three of the largest infractions which I have yet to talk about are when people use the pseudo-words “Supposably”, “Acrossed”, and “Ecspecially”.


2007.01.15 A New All-Time Low in Parenting

I've witnessed a new all-time low in parenting. I know that people use the TV to help babysit their kids at times. I'm aware of the mind-numbing powers of the boob-tube. I can understand how some children are a little… testy if they don't get to finish a particular show, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. And that “somewhere” needs to be before you're willing to take a portable DVD player into a restaurant, ask for a seat near a plug/outlet, and you turn on a movie so that your toddler can stand on their seat and watch a movie throughout dinner.


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