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2008.02.02 Finally. Everything on Movable Type 4

Well, technically it was all on MT4 before, but some of the pages still had the old template. I'll admit I'm going to miss that old template. I should build a little homage to it, just so I don't have to lose all that quality work. I had it on my site for a long time. But now the Billboard Charts, my About/Contact page, my not-super-impressive portfolio, and the page copies are all incorporated into the new look/feel. I'm working on some additions to the Billboard charts (more links to the actual songs, so you can more easily reminisce/dedicate). Want to know what I learned about MT4 while I was doing these conversions? MT4 is flippin' sweet. I won't geek out on you here, but I fully admit I love the new system, and I doubt I've really even scratched the surface.

2007.12.31 2007 - The Year in Review

Despite this being my third blog post in one day (and you thinking I might have nothing better to do on New Year's Eve), I wanted to take a look back at the best entries of the year, by month. Limiting myself to just one post per month is tough in some cases, so I've slightly cheated:

Although I'd love to go through and pick the best pictures of the year and best events, I'm going to be honest here – I know most of you don't care. Thanks for making 2007 what it was. Here's to 2008 being even better, both as a dinky blog/site as well as for each of us personally.

2007.12.12 A Little Face-Lift

The Longbored Surfer just got a little face-lift. If you're using a feed reader (I love Google Reader) and haven't stopped by since I last posted, it might be worth your time. This isn't the full redesign I talked about before, but it's something with which I'm satisfied, especially considering the time investment. I'm not going to bore you all with the details of my plans – I did that before. I think this is a very good/solid starting point. I anticipate moving all my old remaining content off of the old format soon. Ever since I upgraded to Movable Type 4, I feel like I haven't done as much on this site as I wanted to, and I intend to change that. I enjoy doing this sort of stuff too much.

On another note, if you do read this site through a feed reader, you may notice that I fixed the formatting issues I was having. Previously all the text was bunched together for a reason I didn't know. Well, thanks to a tip on how to fix that. It took me how long to make such a simple fix? Shameful, I know. That's all.

2007.10.30 Farewell, Recipes

I've been asked to remove the recipes I previously had on my site, and I'm happy to comply. The recipes have not lost their quality, just this temporary home. You can access the few recipes I had, and lots more on the Cook's Illustrated website (subscription required). Thanks to all of you who visited the site while I had those few recipes up. I appreciate the many kind notes of thanks I received during that time. I still contend that C.I. could provide a better format for the recipes, especially for searching and printing. They may have a great printed magazine, but the internet and the print world aren't the same. Too bad my requests to them for such a thing were ignored. Obviously many others appreciated those same conveniences. Oh well. Thanks again to most of you. Happy cooking/eating. :)

2007.09.01 Recipe Collection Revamp

Surprise!! I took the liberty to redo the recipe collection. I know that nobody asked me to do it, but I did it anyway. This represents some magical happenings by yours truly to incorporate the recipes into their own publishing system. I spent good time to make sure that the old recipe page(s) would automatically lead to their new home (don't forget to update your bookmarks). If it didn't… well… you got here somehow, so… maybe it actually did work.

You may ask, "Why?" and I would say… "Because.". Previously the recipes where housed in their own database, and weren't really all that easy for me to update (hence my lateness in putting up recipes sometimes). I'm kind of tired of doing that, and I wanted to take advantage of some of the cool features of a publishing system. So here's what you get out of the deal:

Hopefully you like the new features as well. If so, drop me a line letting me know. I very rarely won't respond, so keep your eyes peeled for that response from me. Happy cooking & eating! :)

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