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2007.10.23 New forms of Interaction

While playing a video game recently, it struck me that when presented with a new way to interact with a device how we can be surprised and impacted. It's been interesting to play games on Nintendo's two newest systems – the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Both systems introduce new form(s) of input available from users. I'm not an expert on the systems or the subject of human & system interactions—just a normal person like most others. It's just been interesting to me.

Between the two systems here are some actions I've made that I don't recall having done previously while playing a game (at least something that was designed to impact gameplay): swung my arm, twisted my wrist, pointed at an enemy, tapped an enemy, drew a line (a circle, a line for direction, to swing a sword), talked to a character, blew out a candle, punched, shook my hand (not in anger ;)… and I'm sure there are others, but these I could think of off the top of my head. How many different opportunities does that open to somebody as a user? How many new ways can that be implemented (within reason) in the design of the games?

Although I've listed a number of new ways to interact with a game, the designers and programmers at Nintendo deserve quite a bit of kudos, since it's all come in stride. It's not like they throw it all at you at once and let you flop around. It's given to you one bit at a time, with room for discovery and experimentation. Both systems have been truly a pleasure to experience and play with.

What impact does this have to you? Possibly not much, but for those of you who impact/influence interaction design, there are two good learning points from these simple video games:

Again, I'm not an expert on any of this, but keeping these things in mind as I move forward will be essential to improving the human experience on tools I develop.

2007.08.23 My Job Predicament

It's weird to have a job where nobody else (there) knows how to do your job. There are some people who know how to do parts of my job there locally, and there are some that probably know how to do my job at other locations… but I can't turn to really… anybody there for a helping hand. To me, that's weird.


2006.03.02 For Sale By Owner

I was approached to create a simple site to aide in the selling of a home. Though originally I think they only wanted a page or two (like the vast majority of sites like that), I decided to give them a bit more for the money, and add a couple slick features. You can check out an example of the site (for the time being) here.


2006.01.15 Ubuntu

Without a real purpose or point to doing it, I loaded a new system onto my PC the other day. I've essentially come to the realization that I only need a text editor, and the internet (with a web browser (preferrably Firefox)), and I'm 80% happy on a computer. A decent image editing program would make me feel good too, but I can get by 80% of the time without one.


2005.12.06 Christmas Cards

I'm not really keen to Christmas Cards. They're nice to get from others. I enjoy looking at their pictures. I generally struggle to get through the letters, since they're just too long. I'm glad that little Billy is in whatever grade, and that he's doing whatever extra curricular activities. But let's be honest - if I didn't already know these things, then they're probably not that important to me right now. You say that you have some new big news that so-and-so is going to wherever, and will be gone for however long? Okay, that might be big news. But, like I stated before, if I don't already know, then it probably isn't that important. Send me a picture, say something nice and generic (really, I'm serious on that one), and I'll have a good holiday as well. Off I go to have some shortbread.


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