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2005.08.12 Stores with Entrance Fees

Let's be honest here - rarely do any one of us actually purchase something from some stores. We go in, check out the products, try some of them out, sit in the massage chairs, take a glance at the price, since we kind of like it, shake our heads at the price, and eventually hit the road. Since the stores rarely make a penny off of the majority of us that go in there, why not charge a dinky entrance fee?


2005.05.31 Nokay

This word is as simple as they come. I don't know how many times a day each of us say "okay" but I would wager to say that it fairly common. It's not like we say it in every sentence, nor every conversation. We say it when it works. You all know when it works because you already use it. So if those simple sounds like "okay" work so well to show approval, then why not have a simple sound to show a lack of approval?


2005.05.20 Weatherman Hair

Why do some weathermen/meteorologists feel obligated to do their hair the way they do? They usually do it the exact same way every single day - which is generally in that stiff-as-a-rock-because-I-use-a-whole-bottle-of-hairspray-to-make-it-look-this-"wonderful" mode. I've got some ideas for them on how they could improve things.


2005.05.17 Unionization of __________

More things should unionize. I frequently hear about the unions of flight attendents, plumbers, pilots, carpenters, and other stuff. Let's talk about some of the additional areas that could benefit from being unionized.


2005.05.13 Water Slide Nation

It's not that I enjoy seeing everybody in a bathing suit. In fact, some people should never wear a bathing suit in public. I see it as convenience and entertainment.


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