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2014.01.07 Zelda Cross Stitch

Zelda Cross Stitch

Last night I finished cross stitching this. I didn't measure, but I think it took me around five hours. Why did I all of a sudden decide to cross stitch something? Part of it had to do with my mother cross stitching when I was young, and another part probably had to do with my daughter getting a small sewing kit for Christmas. In that kit was a cross stitch sampler, and that curiosity of cross-stitching was re-ignited. I didn't want to make a Precious Moments cross stitch, so I went to a theme I could enjoy - Zelda. I'll spare you too many details, but I can at least leave you with these few resources if you want to maybe give it a shot yourself:

I'm already debating what my next project might be. I doubt this will become my new passion, but it's a good way to unwind, and have something to show for your time.

2012.08.07 G2 20120807

20120807 - Front
As I barely just talked about, I've created another G2 music mix for Mary, because it's been a while since I last created one (despite having posted about the prior mix earlier today). She doesn't yet know about this mix, yet here I am posting about it. Let's just hope she doesn't read her feeds before I present it to her later today. There's no theme to the music for this G2, just that it's enjoyable. Read more...

2012.08.07 (G2) 20111012

20111012 - Front (Shortie)I'm obviously really delayed in making this entry, but the following entry will show why I needed to finally make it. Much like some prior G2 mixes I made for Mary which were focused on a particular decade of music (60's, 70's, and 80's), this mix was focused on just the 1950's.


2011.06.17 20110214

20110214 - Front (Short)I've been quiet on my blog. I blame Twitter. I'm not sure I've ever waited four months to finally tell everybody about a new mix for Mary. This time I did it accidentally (I'll explain). Much like the other mixes I made for Mary, I wanted to share with each of you. Maybe you'll find a song or two you enjoy. I gave it to her on Valentine's Day this year, and managed to surprise her yet again with a mix. It took a lot of effort on my part to not let her see it (at the time our computer was in the most public place possible, which provided very little warning that she'd walk around the corner and see me working on it).


2010.12.20 Horror Vacui 2's Mimeoverse Easter Egg

Shaun Inman (an immensely brilliant person, who I have nothing to do with (besides buying everything he makes)) posted a quick recap of his latest creation - Noise Entertainment System / NoiseES for iPhone and iPod Touch (iTunes Link). He tells us that in Horror Vacui 2 (iTunes Link) there is an Easter Egg for Mimeoverse (his unreleased, awesome-looking side-scrolling game). I couldn't find any help on Google as to what the Easter Egg might be, so took a couple minutes to figure it out myself. If you'd like to do it yourself, the secret lies in the source code of the Horror Vacui 2 mini site. You'll need to decode that base64 png mentioned in the code.secret javascript… or just look at the image I created (with some help from this decoder):

Just go into the options of Horror Vacui 2, and select the options in that order. For you non-graphical people, when in the options, tap the small playing board, large playing board, flip draw style, roulette draw style, small playing board, flip draw style (or 2, 1, 4, 3, 2, 4). You'll be graced with four playing styles of Jaunt, Fortress, and King (sorry, all you fans of Under). Anyway, just thought I could share. Enjoy!

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