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2008.06.25 Handy Designer's Tools "On The Fly"

Noupe is a design weblog created to inspire creativity by sharing innovative resources and websites to bloggers, freelancers and web designers. Going to have to come back to this one later. #

2008.05.08 The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master

Interesting list. I didn't count how many of those I feel I've "mastered", but it's an interesting list. #

2008.04.29 Twist - see trends in twitter

See trends in Twitter. Interesting tool. Slightly surprising that it's so readily available to any/everybody, since it seems like a tool to hide away and come up with slick things. #

2008.03.01 Rands In Repose: Out Loud

A great article from Rands about presentations. Although I did some of these things previously, he puts them all together so well I'll have to return here in the future. In honor of it... my extremely rare 5 star rating. #

2008.03.01 Handmade 2.0 - New York Times

What are so many crochet-hook-wielding, papermaking, silversmithing handicrafters doing online? Trying to prove that the future of shopping, and of work, is all about the past.

As my personal note, I'm glad this whole revolution is taking place. The pieces I've read of this article are great. I'll need to return to finish this off. #

2008.02.22 Notable Registrants of the World War I Draft

Selected World War I Draft Registration Cards: Famous, Infamous, and Interesting People. Really slick historical glimpse. #

2008.02.21 Start Your Own Business : Journal : Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton is a designer based in Cardiff, UK. Specialising in usable, functional and elegant design acquired through rigorous problem solving. Probably interesting to read and get the non-UK specific info from it. #

2008.01.24 Mike Davidson - A Rookie Guide to Digital SLR Cameras

Sure wish I had this guide out there when I went to using a DSLR. Took me.... how long to figure all this stuff out, and here it all is, spelled out clearly. #

2008.01.24 Do's and don'ts with babies :: Hilarious pics

Tips of parents and others who are around babies. Thankfully not guilty of too many of these. #

2008.01.11 Keep It Simple, Stupid! | Smashing Magazine

Let's put it straight - simplicity is more complex than you probably think is. To design a web-site in user-friendly tones, presenting all information and removing unnecessary details isn't easy. --- I'd like to read over this, but right now isn't the time. #

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