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2010.11.14 The Speech Accent Archive

The Speech Accent Archive

Steven Weinberger at George Mason University has created a speech accent archive, where he has recorded people from around the world reading the same paragraph. It's fascinating to click around and listen to a variety of accents (plus, click on the "search" function to see even more samples). I've already spent too much time doing this. My particular favorites directly from the map are the following samples: Russia, Australia, El Salvador, Edinburgh, UK, Oxfordshire, UK, Ivory Coast, North Carolina, <a href="http://accent.gmu.edu/searchsaa.php?function=detail&speakerid=107"Arkansas, Brooklyn, NY#

2009.08.12 Translation Party

Type something in English, and this goes in cycles converting it to and from Japanese... until you find a perfect example like this. Entertaining for a few minutes. #

2007.09.08 The Indo-European Family of Languages

Interesting. Some of this I knew, other parts I didn't, but it makes sense. #

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