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2019.04.23 Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

I sure enjoyed Garbage Pail Kids when I was younger. I really like the concept of these "Where are they Now" variety (no matter how disturbing it might be to see some of them in a more realistic version than the cartoon/doll-based variety). And, I love how they've made a couple of the characters be professionally active with their... ability/condition. Be sure to see them all at the the website of Jake Houvenagle Brandon Voges#

2018.01.26 How To Photograph Your Son

How To Photograph Your Son

Maybe it's just me reminiscing about carrying around a good camera, and taking pictures. Maybe it's solid advice. Either way, I liked this article, and plan to incorporate the advice. #

2008.12.03 oobject - 12 movie industry camera cars

Very cool insight into something that is usually so transparent. #

2008.06.25 Macworld | How to buy a camera lens

Still using the lens that came with your digital SLR? Explore the creative possibilities of your camera by buying a new lens. Whether looking for a zoom lens or a prime lens, we'll show you what to look for when shopping. A very good read. #

2008.03.11 Intervalography - Photographic Mapping

Interesting concept. Doubt I'll choose to make the time to do something like this - both the photographing and the compiling. #

2008.01.24 Mike Davidson - A Rookie Guide to Digital SLR Cameras

Sure wish I had this guide out there when I went to using a DSLR. Took me.... how long to figure all this stuff out, and here it all is, spelled out clearly. #

2008.01.07 Fraser Speirs - My Photo Editing Workflow

Interesting to see how somebody else does it. Might be a handy reference. #

2007.11.10 our approach to food photos | Smitten Kitchen

I love her articles and photography, so this was a super read for me. #

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