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2021.01.20 Back to the Future 35th Anniversary Skateboard Decks (DKNG)

Back to the Future 35th Anniversary Skateboard Decks (DKNG)

I'm not a skater, but having this deck on my wall would have been a beautiful piece of art. Admittedly, I'm a sucker for DKNG's work. They have a style I like, and already own prints from them. These sold out immensely quick, but I still love the work. #

2018.08.27 Havaianas - Mario Bros Flip Flops

Havaianas - Mario Bros Flip Flops

Although I don't have the self-confidence to wear these (and the availability of my size is questionable), the Super Mario World nod is fantastic. I wonder if they sell a cape with these. #

2018.08.27 Pinny Arcade - Mario Kart

Pinny Arcade - Mario Kart

For whatever reason, I've always thought of Pinny Arcade as an event/thing only happening at PAX, which I'm highly unlikely to ever attend. Little did I know, they sell pins all the time. I could spend too much money right now on pins that will likely only ever end up in a little box for me to fawn over later. #

2016.07.06 Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle

I had never heard of Eyvind Earle until the other day, but I really like his style. Great work on his shadows, and a simple approach that still conveys realism. I think this piece (called Path in Snow)w, in particular, is gorgeous. So perfect. #

2016.03.07 DKNG Explorers Club Patch

DKNG Explorers Club Patch

I really like DKNG's work, and own multiple prints from them. I also have a soft spot for patches (though, admittedly, I never do anything with them, apart from put them in a little "happy box", and look at them every now and then). As it is, the venn diagram represented by this new patch essentially guaranteed I would buy it. $6? Done. #

2015.08.19 DKNG Icons

DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons

I'm kicking myself that I didn't notice these earlier. I really like DKNG's work, and already own some of their work. Despite missing out on some of their prints, I still just snagged a copy of the one I would have bought, if coach would have put me in fourth quarter. There are so many fantastic designs, you have to look through them yourself. I'm a hoarder, so I've included some of my favorites here for your viewing. Really, fantastic work, yet again, by DKNG. #

2014.07.25 Jian Guo - Lord of the Rings Covers

Jian Guo - Lord of the Rings Covers

These are gorgeous designs submitted for a contest for Chinese versions of The Lord of the Rings. There are so many nice touches. Looking around Jian's other work, these seem slightly out of style for him, yet still close enough. I'd probably buy a nice trio of these if they were prints, even if only available in Chinese. #

2014.07.03 Vote For Pedro 10th Anniversary Art

Vote For Pedro 10th Anniversary Art

I would love it if there were actual prints of this. Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies, and was blown away to realize it's been 10 years since it was released. This particular piece is slightly in the style of Shepard Fairey, or old communist propaganda. No matter what, I love it. #

2014.04.14 Density Playing Card Deck

Density Playing Card Deck

I collect things. It's true. It annoys my wife, but I try to keep it under control. I love playing cards, and Roni Lagin's Density cards look really cool. I don't know if it's the guilloche-like patterns, or what. If you're pining to get something for me as a surprise, look no further. #

2014.03.16 Napoleon Dynamite by Pierre Bouttier (Dribbble)

Napoleon Dynamite by Pierre Bouttier (Dribbble)

I love this Dribbble shot/rebound by Pierre Bouttier. The progression of the shots is fun to watch, and I love that Uncle Rico here looks like he may actually be capable of throwing a pigskin a quarter mile, unlike the reality of being unable to throw it a quarter of a football field. #

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