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2019.02.28 Emily Blincoe - Arrangements

Emily Blincoe - Arrangements

I love these "arrangements" by Emily Blincoe. They're a good mix of elements I enjoy - lots of nature, with an added bit of organization. Some of these seems like they would require quite a bit of patience to accomplish. This particular image is near the end of the arrangements, and also on her blog#

2011.01.29 Back to the Future set from a Security Guard's Perspective

Back to the Future set from a Security Guard's Perspective

"Hey McFly. I thought I told you never to come in here." This guy got a job as a security guard at Universal Studios when they were filming Back to the Future, and took some photos of the set in both of its versions (1955 and 1985). Very cool. #

2010.07.31 Sarah Vaughan, Café Society, New York, N.Y.

Sarah Vaughan, Café Society, New York, N.Y.

A 1946 portrait of an incredible singer. I just ordered a print of this photo to put on my wall. #

2010.04.20 Boston.com - Eyjafjallajokull

Boston.com - Eyjafjallajokull

Some fascinating photos from Iceland's erupting/disrupting volcano. Has anybody else sat back and thought "Whoa, volcano's are really weird!"? #

2010.04.16 LIFE Photo Gallery: The Day Einstein Died

LIFE Photo Gallery: The Day Einstein Died

I'm fascinated by Einstein, and previously noted how much I enjoyed Walter Isaacson's biography of him. These photos, at least two of the initial three, continue to help paint of picture of who he was. Very interesting. #

2010.01.25 14, 16 and 15

14, 16 and 15

Amazing how much appearance doesn't change with age. I dig the instruments. #

2009.12.09 Eddie Aikau 2009

Eddie Aikau 2009

A beautiful photo of a wave. I love the combination of the mist, swirling water, and obvious power of the ocean in this. If you have some time, click around to see some of the photos of the surfers themselves on the waves - just to see how huge they really are. Impressive. #

2009.12.02 maraid's photosets on Flickr

An amazing collection of vintagenessocity. Well selected, organized and of an impeccable caliber. Check out the Japanese Matchbox Labels and Museums collections. Very cool overall. #

2009.10.25 Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

Gorgeous wave photography. I know the name of my site is a play on a words, but I still find incredible beauty in the sea/surf/ocean. #

2009.10.22 Morning Summary

Morning Summary

What an ominous-looking scene - from the Official White House Photo Stream on Flickr. #

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