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2018.02.26 Create a Retro Long Shadow Text Effect in Illustrator

Create a Retro Long Shadow Text Effect in Illustrator

I've always enjoyed these sorts of "How to" posts. Illustrator remains an elusive beast in my life, despite how much I've enjoyed creating vector-based artwork. My particular highlight of this post was the gentle offset gaussian blur, which I didn't really notice until I followed the steps, but it adds such an important detail. #

2014.02.16 Star Wars 80's High School

Star Wars 80's High School

I love this concept art by Denis Medri for Star Wars as an 80's high school film. It's not that I'm even a big fan of Star Wars, and especially not of 80's high school movies, but this is great. #

2010.06.04 Calligraphy Address Stamps - Primele on Etsy

Calligraphy Address Stamps - Primele on Etsy

Need a beautiful, customized return address stamp? This should be your choice. Hand-drawn calligraphy, converted into a rubber stamp for your convenience (or if you're so inclined, get one for each of your wedding guests, or other options). Very cool. #

2010.04.22 The Ministry of Type - Handyman’s Modern Manuals

The Ministry of Type - Handyman’s Modern Manuals

A great find from an old Popular Science magazine, and a terrific new rendering. Additionally the site referenced The Ministry of Type has been added to my feed reader. #

2010.04.11 The Wizard of Oz - Novelization Book Art

The Wizard of Oz - Novelization Book Art

A wonderful collection of mock book art for a novelization of The Wizard of Oz. If you can get visually past the weird animated graphics on the page, you'll see just how awesome the work is. #

2009.11.16 Jessica Hische Typography

Jessica Hische Typography

Brilliant work by an illustrator/designer that is completely new to me - Jessica Hische. I love her work, especially her hand-lettering, which is her self-proclaimed specialty. I can clearly see why. What a fabulous find for the day.

Update: I'm such a space cadet, that I forgot I've already linked to her. At least the other was on her blog (which isn't super-obviously linked to from her portfolio). I'm also glad that I'm consistent in my linkage - previously it was her typography that grabbed me, and it still is. #

2009.09.26 40 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tutorials - Smashing Magazine

A great set of instructions to learn how to use (or use better) Illustrator - something I've wanted to do for quite some time as I've spent more and more time with the pen tool. I've already completed one of these. #

2009.09.07 Swink | Let’s Tell Better Stories

Swink | Let’s Tell Better Stories

I love the illustrations, colors, and concept behind this self-promotion of Swink. They have great colors, simple message, and I love the fact that you can pop them out and build stuff. The whole camping/campfire motif reminds me of a previously linked-to Coleman concept piece#

2009.08.24 les animaux

les animaux

A flickr collection of pages from an old french how-to-draw books. There's something beautiful in the simplicity of these types of books. #

2009.08.13 Terrible Yellow Eyes

I've always enjoyed the book, and have often referred to it throughout my life. This is a great collection of art inspired by the book (and soon to be, movie). #

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