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2018.01.26 How To Photograph Your Son

How To Photograph Your Son

Maybe it's just me reminiscing about carrying around a good camera, and taking pictures. Maybe it's solid advice. Either way, I liked this article, and plan to incorporate the advice. #

2017.08.07 Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Maybe it's because he's somebody I feel like I know (thanks to his movies), but I really enjoyed the candor and approach to sharing that Jim shows. I've never felt very artistic, but I'm continually drawn to try something. Regardless, I think the six minutes needed to watch this are well spent. #

2016.03.08 7 Pinewood Derby Car Tips

7 Pinewood Derby Car Tips

My boys aren't anywhere near the age of needing to build one (or have me build one, and them act like it was theirs). Regardless, I found this to be pretty interesting, and I love how it's possible to make a great car, in a relatively short amount of time. It feels like it leaves more time for the kids to make the car what they want... even though winning isn't everything (but it sure is nice). #

2016.03.07 DKNG Explorers Club Patch

DKNG Explorers Club Patch

I really like DKNG's work, and own multiple prints from them. I also have a soft spot for patches (though, admittedly, I never do anything with them, apart from put them in a little "happy box", and look at them every now and then). As it is, the venn diagram represented by this new patch essentially guaranteed I would buy it. $6? Done. #

2014.02.01 The Morning News - Good Gift Games 2013

The Morning News - Good Gift Games 2013

I don't know where I first learned of this list (probably Twitter), but I'll be sure to check here again at the end of this year. This year I got Jaipur (a 2010 recommendation), and I really enjoy it. Matthew Baldwin clearly is into games, and his Good Gift Games Greatest Hits has already made me add multiple games to my ever-maintained wish list. Too bad my wife doesn't enjoy games as much as I do. #

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