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2021.01.20 Back to the Future 35th Anniversary Skateboard Decks (DKNG)

Back to the Future 35th Anniversary Skateboard Decks (DKNG)

I'm not a skater, but having this deck on my wall would have been a beautiful piece of art. Admittedly, I'm a sucker for DKNG's work. They have a style I like, and already own prints from them. These sold out immensely quick, but I still love the work. #

2020.04.15 Generative Placeholders

Generative Placeholders

I don't do as much web development as I used to do, but dynamic placeholder image creation is always handy, and I'm somewhat fascinated by generative art. This checks all those boxes. Plus, you can easily self-host it, if you so desire. #

2019.06.11 Monument Valley - 3D Printed Totem

Monument Valley - 3D Printed Totem

Some day I'd like to buy a 3D Printer. I can't yet tell myself I'd use it enough to justify the cost, but I think it'd be fun. Yes I'm a nerd, but you're still reading this. Monument Valley is a great game. I really like the totem from it. Having something like this would be cool. The full combined archive is available on Thingiverse, but for whatever reason wouldn't attach to this post. I've split the full archive into two - one for the totem, and one for Ida (and both with the CC attribution files). Enjoy! #

2019.03.04 Louie Mantia - Wallpapers

Louie Mantia - Wallpapers

I've used Louie Mantia's wallpapers for years. One has been my phone's background for more years than I can remember, and another usually graces a monitor at work. Not fussy. Not loud. Obviously thematic. Perfect. (Be sure to take a look at his "reserve"). #

2019.01.02 The Graphic Art of The Incredibles 2

The Graphic Art of The Incredibles 2

You have no clue how much I love posts like this - especially for The Incredibles. It's great to see such insight into a film (series) with art that I enjoy so much. #

2018.08.27 Making "Welcome Home"

Making "Welcome Home"

I really liked the original Spike Jonze spot "Welcome Home" for Apple's HomePod. I've enjoyed several music videos by him. The combination of the music, scenery, and dancing was a home-run in my mind. Subsequently, this behind-the-scenes view is fascinating. I've had this tab open in my browser, meaning to bookmark it, for basically the past five months, and watched it several times. #

2018.08.27 Mandy Barker - Penalty

Mandy Barker - Penalty

A sad topic, but ultimately beautiful artwork. Be sure to check out her other work. Seem like great candidates for phone wallpaper, to me. Unobtrusive, but still attractive... and maybe a good reminder of our wasteful ways (and encouragement to improve). #

2017.08.07 Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Maybe it's because he's somebody I feel like I know (thanks to his movies), but I really enjoyed the candor and approach to sharing that Jim shows. I've never felt very artistic, but I'm continually drawn to try something. Regardless, I think the six minutes needed to watch this are well spent. #

2017.04.20 One Hundred Scenes of Kobe

One Hundred Scenes of Kobe

I really like these paintings by Hide Kawanishi. Takayuki Kita went through the pains of visiting each of the sites, and taking photos from each place, to see what they look like now. Hide's style feels both classic, and new all at the same time. It's worth looking at each painting. There is so much I like, but here are a few call-outs: the framing of #77, the subtle reflection in #48, the perspective and story of #52, the colors of #98. I could keep going. Really, he seemed to show a great attention to detail - both on what to include and exclude.

I wish the page was better, so you could see thumbnails of all the paintings... but at least we get to see them. #

2016.07.06 Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle

I had never heard of Eyvind Earle until the other day, but I really like his style. Great work on his shadows, and a simple approach that still conveys realism. I think this piece (called Path in Snow)w, in particular, is gorgeous. So perfect. #

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