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2014.03.30 Original LEGO Patent

Original LEGO Patent

Every now and then, it's fun to look at the original patent for LEGO's bricks. It was an awesome idea, and continues to be an awesome toy - one for which I continue to pay lots of money. As an added bonus, I've included a combined version of both graphics, and formatted it to an 8x10, if you choose to print this. #

2010.11.10 Hammacher Schlemmer - Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball

Hammacher Schlemmer - Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball

Wham-o makes this awesome jai alai style snowball launcher (which would work great in most any type of snow, except the super dry-and-hard-to-compact snow I get). Despite that, I think this would be really cool to play with... for probably 10 minutes. #

2009.01.26 Didactic Puzzle by Marko Pavlovic - Yanko Design

Sure, it's claimed to be a kids puzzle, but I'd like to give it a shot. I'm always a fan of brain teasers. #

2007.10.16 PEZ SWEET WORLD

I know a guy who would really get down with these Pez pieces. I like some of the old school references done by some of the modifications. #

2007.10.06 Matchbox Collector's Catalog, 1969 - a photoset on Flickr

Fun old school stuff. Matchbox cars would be among some of the companies who's image I would like to see a development of - or how has their image changes from insimination until now. #

2007.09.26 Pacific Pinball Expo

All that time and money spent trying to turn these things into something fancy, yet the guts of them is so cool it makes me wonder why they'd cover it up. #

2007.09.20 Toys manufacture in China (25 pics)

Hm. Interesting. Certainly gives a different spin on the toys themselves when you see how/where they're made. #

2007.09.06 Constantine dollhouse @ Kidsmodern

Handmade dollhouse with unique wallpapering. Great for playing 2-3 girls together or alone by yourself. Can be placed on a table or on floor. Maybe it can be easily dismantled for storage too. #

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