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2019.11.07 BBStylish


If you use BBEdit to write Markdown, this handy little thing helps you restyle the preview window of that writing. Over the years I've become a big fan of Markdown, so this was a no-brainer for me. I won't even get started on BBEdit#

2008.06.25 Handy Designer's Tools "On The Fly"

Noupe is a design weblog created to inspire creativity by sharing innovative resources and websites to bloggers, freelancers and web designers. Going to have to come back to this one later. #

2008.06.17 Web Designer Wall - 2008 Design Trends

Here is a list of 82 sites picked from Best Web Gallery that show the current design trends. #

2008.05.08 Jonathon Eric Cihlar - XHTML + CSS template for nutrition

A template for nutritional information labels in XHTML and CSS. Handy. Once I came up with something like this, but this looks far better. #

2008.05.08 Bundle for TextMate: Convert images to base64

Convert image to Base64 using TextMate. Handy, again. #

2008.04.24 15 CSS Properties You Probably Never Use (but perhaps should)

Explanations of 15 CSS properties that aren't used much in web development these days. Handy. #

2008.02.28 ME3DIA - February 26 2008: Hex silliness

The realization that l33tspeak could be applied to hex values in Photoshop led to a few minutes of frivolity. Why didn't I think of this? #

2008.02.27 How to recreate Silverback's Parallax

An explanation of Silverback's slick website trick they've pulled off. #

2008.02.21 CSS Type Set

CSS Type Set is a hands-on typography tool allowing designers and developers to interactively test and learn how to style their web content. Interesting CSS toy. Would have been handier back in the early days of my trials. #

2008.01.11 Keep It Simple, Stupid! | Smashing Magazine

Let's put it straight - simplicity is more complex than you probably think is. To design a web-site in user-friendly tones, presenting all information and removing unnecessary details isn't easy. --- I'd like to read over this, but right now isn't the time. #

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