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2021.02.01 Mini Modern House

Mini Modern House Mini Modern House Mini Modern House Mini Modern House

An incredible mini house, with so many details all over the place. Composed at 1/12 scale. Look through all the photos of the thread, and you won't be disappointed. #

2021.01.13 The Ultimate Texas Tacopedia

The Ultimate Texas Tacopedia

I've had this page open for weeks and weeks. Not only does it make me want to go to each of these places to try these tacos, but it also makes me want to be a bit more adventurous in my own taco making. #

2009.07.07 Versus | Tour de France - Live

I love The Tour de France. I've talked about it before. This year, American TV finally pulled their heads out, and made their broadcast available online. I'm in love, since I don't want to pay obscene money just to get one channel for the 21 stages. #

2009.01.26 Dark Roasted Blend: World's Most Dangerous Roads, Part 6

One word: wow. #

2007.09.28 Engcom - Virtual Slide Rule

I never learned how to use one, but apparently now I can.... and even use a virtual one. Just need to get a real one to follow-up my online lessons. #

2007.09.26 Pacific Pinball Expo

All that time and money spent trying to turn these things into something fancy, yet the guts of them is so cool it makes me wonder why they'd cover it up. #

2007.09.05 YouTube - 3 year old vs. Monster

What this 3 year old is going to do to a Monster. #

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