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2021.01.27 Simon C. Page

Simon C. Page

Craig Hockenberry shared a screenshot at some point, and I loved the design he had. Turns out it was from Simon C. Page - a wonderfully talented artist, whose work I enjoy. #

2019.03.11 Aerial - mac OS Screen Saver

Aerial - mac OS Screen Saver

Screen savers are a little silly, considering so many computer screens these days hardly need saving. Regardless, I love the videos Apple has shot of these various scenes, and I love the ease with which they're displayed on my computer. #

2019.03.04 UrBackup


Several people at work gave me a nudge to consider this tool for a self-hosted, multi-computer backup solution. I haven't tried it yet, but am keeping this here for when I'm ready to give it a shot.

(Hey - I didn't say all the links on here would be super interesting.) #

2019.03.04 Louie Mantia - Wallpapers

Louie Mantia - Wallpapers

I've used Louie Mantia's wallpapers for years. One has been my phone's background for more years than I can remember, and another usually graces a monitor at work. Not fussy. Not loud. Obviously thematic. Perfect. (Be sure to take a look at his "reserve"). #

2011.03.30 Mantia » Wallpaper

Mantia » Wallpaper

For whatever reason, I've been totally clueless about this small, yet gorgeous, collection of desktop/iphone/ipad backgrounds/wallpapers. Personally, my favorites are BluePrint Neue and Juxtaposition Neue#

2010.07.02 July Wallpaper Calendars by Natalie Jost

July Wallpaper Calendars by Natalie Jost

I've already set the first one there as my desktop background (and I bought a whole mess of fireworks yesterday as well). Next stop? Tear-up when listening to the star spangled banner. #

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