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2012.07.19 Vulture’s Downton Abbey Paper Dolls

Vulture’s Downton Abbey Paper Dolls

I saw this months ago, but didn't actually watch Downton Abbey until recently. If you haven't watched the show, you really should. It's fabulous (you can get both Season 1 and Season 2 really easily). Afterwards, create all your own scenes with these fun paper dolls. #

2009.09.07 Swink | Let’s Tell Better Stories

Swink | Let’s Tell Better Stories

I love the illustrations, colors, and concept behind this self-promotion of Swink. They have great colors, simple message, and I love the fact that you can pop them out and build stuff. The whole camping/campfire motif reminds me of a previously linked-to Coleman concept piece#

2007.10.16 Idee Montabili

I love their designs. Not all cut-outs, but slick. #

2007.09.24 Rob Nance: Portfolio - 2D Illustrations

Great.... a David Hasselhoff cut-out. Funny stuff. #

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