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2020.01.06 DKNG - The National at L.A.'s Greek Theater Gig Poster

DKNG - The National at L.A.'s Greek Theater Gig Poster

They've nailed the Southern California beach scene here. I'd love to have a copy of this print, devoid of the elements for the band/concert/everything else. So good. #

2015.08.19 DKNG Icons

DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons

I'm kicking myself that I didn't notice these earlier. I really like DKNG's work, and already own some of their work. Despite missing out on some of their prints, I still just snagged a copy of the one I would have bought, if coach would have put me in fourth quarter. There are so many fantastic designs, you have to look through them yourself. I'm a hoarder, so I've included some of my favorites here for your viewing. Really, fantastic work, yet again, by DKNG. #

2014.01.30 It's Dangerous to Post Flyers Alone - Take This

It's Dangerous to Post Flyers Alone - Take This

This Zelda flyer is an old find, but I've been wanting to link to this for a while. Add this the other useless flyers and those out there. #

2014.01.02 Dave Perillo - Charlie Brown Christmas

Dave Perillo - Charlie Brown Christmas

Like most other posters I want (or even end up buying), I have no clue what I'd do with this. I'd probably give this to my mother who loves this movie, and laughs at loud at her favorite character - Snoopy. #

2012.11.26 Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

I'd like to have a bowl of cereal right now, thanks in part to an insubstantial lunch, and the memories of staring at each of these boxes growing up. Even after all these years, I still think Corn Flakes is a crappy cereal. #

2012.11.26 DKNG Studios - The Films of Wes Anderson

DKNG Studios - The Films of Wes Anderson

I'm not a devout fan of Wes Anderson's films, but I've enjoyed those that I've seen, and I like the feel of each of them. As you might guess, I really like the design of this poster, and the insight into the design process. #

2011.06.28 DKNG's Black Keys Poster

DKNG's Black Keys Poster

I think I might just like DKNG's style. You might remember the Cake poster I linked to a bit ago. This newer poster for The Black Keys (whose Brothers album I thoroughly enjoy, and you may as well), has a similar feel. I like the touch of having the artists (barely) in the illustration as well. (I also really like that the whole design process played out on dribbble (click the rebounds link).) #

2011.05.12 Athenaeum - Classic Bowling

Athenaeum - Classic Bowling

A great print of an all-time-classic local landmark. I've been there many times and have many fond memories associated with this old place. I'm waiting for it to be in a smaller (and hopefully less-expensive) size. If you're from Salt Lake, you should check out the other work for sale as well, since there is a variety of other local pieces. (I linked to this print prior to the ma.gnolia crash, but obviously lost the link, and only found this recently.) #

2011.05.05 Tom Whalen - "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Poster

Tom Whalen - "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Poster

I remember watching this movie as a kid, and being somewhat scarred. I might be more scarred if I were to watch it now (and probably mortified that I watched it as a kid). Despite all that, I really dig this (already sold-out) poster. #

2011.03.05 DKNG's Cake Poster

DKNG's Cake Poster

$25 will buy me this gift. Hang on to it for my birthday or Christmas. I'm fine with that. It'll sell out by the time either of those happen again, so you should do it now. I love the touches to this print that a Cake fan would notice. The most obvious is the large fuzzy dice that still hang proudly like uh... um... well... they hang from the rear view mirror. #

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