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2021.02.01 Mini Modern House

Mini Modern House Mini Modern House Mini Modern House Mini Modern House

An incredible mini house, with so many details all over the place. Composed at 1/12 scale. Look through all the photos of the thread, and you won't be disappointed. #

2021.01.28 The New Sketch Icon

The New Sketch Icon

I love the look inside a redesign process like this. Sometimes they're filled with fluff, but I still like seeing the iterations and variations. #

2021.01.27 Simon C. Page

Simon C. Page

Craig Hockenberry shared a screenshot at some point, and I loved the design he had. Turns out it was from Simon C. Page - a wonderfully talented artist, whose work I enjoy. #

2020.01.07 xxiivv.com


I love what's going on here, though I definitely don't fully understand it. I originally was introduced to @neauoire through their work during Inktober and their Neauismea work. I'm still not familiar with the work it's based on, but I kept going back throughout the month. Regardless, the site, approach, work, GitHub stuff - I'm a fan of it all. #

2020.01.06 DKNG - The National at L.A.'s Greek Theater Gig Poster

DKNG - The National at L.A.'s Greek Theater Gig Poster

They've nailed the Southern California beach scene here. I'd love to have a copy of this print, devoid of the elements for the band/concert/everything else. So good. #

2019.04.23 Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

I sure enjoyed Garbage Pail Kids when I was younger. I really like the concept of these "Where are they Now" variety (no matter how disturbing it might be to see some of them in a more realistic version than the cartoon/doll-based variety). And, I love how they've made a couple of the characters be professionally active with their... ability/condition. Be sure to see them all at the the website of Jake Houvenagle Brandon Voges#

2016.03.07 DKNG Explorers Club Patch

DKNG Explorers Club Patch

I really like DKNG's work, and own multiple prints from them. I also have a soft spot for patches (though, admittedly, I never do anything with them, apart from put them in a little "happy box", and look at them every now and then). As it is, the venn diagram represented by this new patch essentially guaranteed I would buy it. $6? Done. #

2015.08.31 Beth Dean - Emotional Intelligence in Design

Beth Dean - Emotional Intelligence in Design

I thoroughly enjoyed Beth Dean's thoughts, insights, and suggestions in this fantastic article. If you have anything to do with design, or interacting with other people via a computer, I highly recommend you read it. Here's just a tease of one of my favorite parts (though it was filled with so many awesome elements, I've saved a copy for myself).

People completing seemingly straightforward tasks do so in a variety of contexts and life circumstances. Humanity can be sad, complicated and messy. We don’t stop being human when we go online. Sometimes even when you’re trying to make something with the best intentions, something can go terribly wrong. Sometimes the very tools you create to protect people cause harm. What can we do?

Really. It's so good. #

2015.08.19 DKNG Icons

DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons

I'm kicking myself that I didn't notice these earlier. I really like DKNG's work, and already own some of their work. Despite missing out on some of their prints, I still just snagged a copy of the one I would have bought, if coach would have put me in fourth quarter. There are so many fantastic designs, you have to look through them yourself. I'm a hoarder, so I've included some of my favorites here for your viewing. Really, fantastic work, yet again, by DKNG. #

2014.08.20 The Sailor's Dream by Simogo

The Sailor's Dream by Simogo

This is a bit out of my norm, but I'm looking forward to this game. I've played other games by Simogo, and have really liked them. The concept and artwork behind this are appealing, and I find myself sucked in. #

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