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2010.01.15 LEGO - 10211 Grand Emporium

LEGO - 10211 Grand Emporium

A nice new addition to one of my favorite lines of LEGO's (the modular sets) to replace the now-discontinued Café Corner - a set essentially void of any interior elements (although rich in exterior design). Following in the style of 10197 Fire Brigade, this one seems to be plentiful in its interior design (although mildly plain in the exterior coloring). Overall it looks like a nice set. Add it to my list. #

2009.11.14 Piece of Peace 2008

Piece of Peace 2008

I'm late to this one, but what an amazing set of world landmarks built in painstaking detail with Lego's. My personal favorite of the bunch, and one I wish was available with instructions is St. Basil's Cathedral. #

2009.07.08 Lego Waterfall house

Lego Waterfall house

I'm not normally into the whole castle scenes of Lego, but I particularly liked this setup. Nice touches like the sand green and brown home, which gives it a European feel. Slick. #

2009.06.26 Flickr: The LEGO Techniques Pool

A continually updated set of photos documenting tips and tricks in LEGO building. Could be very handy... though unmoderated, so anybody could contribute useless crap. #

2009.06.16 Lego 10197 - Fire Brigade (Klocki)

Get excited! Personally, I love Lego's line of modular buildings - Green Grocer, Cafe Corner and Market Street. This gorgeous 1930's fire station looks great. Despite being only two stories, it has some great touches, and interior decorations on both floors. I'm pretty stoked for this one. Check out The Brothers Brick for their coverage of it. #

2009.06.01 Lego Delorean - Back to the Future

Lego Delorean - Back to the Future

Yeah... I'd like to claim that I'm the one that came up with this... but obviously I'm not. Very, very, very cool, and hits that nostalgic sweet spot. #

2009.05.16 10196 Grand Carousel: The Brothers Brick

What an amazing set of Lego's. Undoubtedly there are details I'm not seeing in these preliminary photos, especially there are 3,263 pieces. Plus, there are a few more photos of it on Flickr, too. #

2009.05.02 LEGO: 9f Train - Flickr

I'm obviously late to the show on this one, but with my recent acquisition of the Emerald Night Lego train, this one really caught my eye. Super slick. #

2009.03.01 Golden Stud 2008 Best Diorama Gallery

One of my favorite Lego diorama I've seen to date. I like the vintage feel of the environment - the cars, cable cars and buildings all contributing nicely. #

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