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2020.04.15 Generative Placeholders

Generative Placeholders

I don't do as much web development as I used to do, but dynamic placeholder image creation is always handy, and I'm somewhat fascinated by generative art. This checks all those boxes. Plus, you can easily self-host it, if you so desire. #

2014.07.07 Tap In

Tap In

I've had this tab open in my browser for weeks now, as the World Cup has been going on. I love the design, and responsive nature of the site. It has clear information presented in a perfect way. Love it. #

2009.10.21 Haystack

“Discover the right Web Designer for your next project.” An interesting idea for a site/service (unsurprising considering the source (37 Signals)). Although I don't need a web designer, I understand when people are looking for one that isn't me, or is close by. I think they need more pricing levels (either free, or $99/month? Lame.), but hopefully it helps people get recognized and get more business. #

2009.05.31 The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations

Sad, but true. Preposterous to even suggest something like this in these situations, yet it's not uncommon for it to happen to freelancers, even minor freelancers like me. #

2009.05.25 Reflections on Layer Tennis | Jason Santa Maria

I know I'm really late on this one, but it's very worth the linking. My favorite part is probably the cheat sheet (though I'd like to know how much these guys prepare in other ways). Very insightful to read their thoughts and see what they did. (this has been sitting in my feed reader forever, just waiting for me to read) #

2008.08.21 Balsamiq Mockups Home | Balsamiq

Balsamiq Studios is focused on adding flavor to your Web Office suite with clean, enjoyable plugins. #

2008.02.27 How to recreate Silverback's Parallax

An explanation of Silverback's slick website trick they've pulled off. #

2008.02.13 Pattern inspiration | Veerle's blog

Wonder if I could vectorize some of these things and utilize them where appropriate. Don't think it'd be too hard. #

2007.12.03 Special Characters

Handy. #

2007.11.13 Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots

Don't even ask me how much time I may have been wasting in the past with all the different computer I was trying to try out certain web pages on. This is slick. #

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