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2019.04.01 Breakdown of a Joke

Breakdown of a Joke

As a kid, I felt like I spent a lot of time trying to understand jokes, and what made things funny. This breakdown or dissection of a bit by Jim Gaffigan goes to the next level of helping to understand that. If I could link to the actual graphic in the New York Times, I'd do that. It doesn't appear to exist, unfortunately. #

2016.03.06 Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson

Because you never know when you'll need a high quality photo of an awesome person/character. It shows here as square, but the original is gorgeous. Awesomeness. #

2014.04.18 True Facts About the Octopus

True Facts About the Octopus

If my official education was as humorous and informative as this video, I probably would have done something with myself apart from making this website that my mother doesn't even read. One of my favorite quotes:

"It is widely known that the interestingness of an animal is proportional to how difficult it is to figure where its ___ is." #

2014.04.18 These Are Tearable Puns

These Are Tearable Puns

I love these. About a month ago I saw this flyer, and am obviously now getting around to adding it here to my existing set of flyers (mine/linked). Special thanks to John Cooney for pointing me towards Google for finding an original of this flyer. #

2013.08.12 Have a Nice Day Street Sign - PleatedJeans.com

Have a Nice Day Street Sign - PleatedJeans.com

I wish I would have thought of this one while I was making my own rather useless flyers. Add this to the Lionel Richie flyer, and you're set. #

2013.06.28 beauyeah's Arrested Development Chicken Dances

beauyeah's Arrested Development Chicken Dances

I love these animations of the various chicken dances of the Bluth family. The dances are one of my favorite things to mention about the show, and Beau has done a perfect job on them. #

2012.07.18 xkcd: United Shapes of America

xkcd: United Shapes of America

I'm particularly pleased to see this is available as a print. I've already purchased it, but I admit I might not hang it. That's just how I roll. Check out the detail on Colorado, because it's particularly entertaining. #

2011.03.07 The Duck Whisperer T-Shirt

The Duck Whisperer T-Shirt

Speaking of things you can buy for me, add this to the list. I thoroughly enjoy The Amazing Race, and think Justin & Zev are entertaining. On last night's episode I noticed Justin wearing this t-shirt, and am pleased to see they're selling some. $31, XXL please. Thanks in advance. #

2010.11.26 Rands In Repose: An Unexpected Connection

This article rings more true to me than most others I've read in a while.

"Discovery of structure in a chaotic world means less chaos, and while we’re happy to make you laugh, the idea of a more orderly, structured, and knowable world is what drives us and keeps us warm in bed at night."


2010.10.24 9GAG - Tomato Smoothie

9GAG - Tomato Smoothie

“If tomatoes are a fruit, isn't ketchup technically a smoothie?” Sometimes I like to dip my french fries in a chocolate shake, but usually, it now appears I like to dip them in a tomato smoothie. #

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