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2021.08.31 Playdate Pulp

Playdate Pulp

I'm a fan of Panic, and Shaun Inman. I've preordered a Playdate, but have also enjoyed watching this process unfold. I don't anticipate I'll get really into game development, but I'll surely tinker around with it, to try to appreciate what they've made. The system comes out later this year, but one of these screenshots is timestamped from 2013 - it's been a longer process than I could have imagined before. #

2019.06.11 Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

Recently, I wanted to see if I could find and play a specific version of Oregon Trail again. I have fond memories of playing it on my grandmother's Mac Classic. Thanks to the continued amazingness of the Internet Archive wizards, you too can easily experience that.

If you're curious, you can alternatively go the route of emulation on your own computer. Here were some handy links I found in making that happen:

2018.08.27 Pinny Arcade - Mario Kart

Pinny Arcade - Mario Kart

For whatever reason, I've always thought of Pinny Arcade as an event/thing only happening at PAX, which I'm highly unlikely to ever attend. Little did I know, they sell pins all the time. I could spend too much money right now on pins that will likely only ever end up in a little box for me to fawn over later. #

2016.03.06 NERDpillo


Although I prefer the awesomeness of SpriteStitch.com, and the endless supply of patterns (not to mention helpful people), NERDpillo has made it one step closer to being done, by gathering all the supplies you'll need to actually make one of those awesome video game map cross-stitches. #

2016.03.05 OpenEmu


I know this came out a while ago, but I was just reminded of it (in my massive browser tab clean-up and conversion). I love old video games. I only wish there was a way to legally purchase the ROMs of the games I like the most. Still, this is super cool. #

2016.03.05 FEZ OST


Years ago while playing Fez (which, I enjoyed more than any game I had played in a while), my mind was basically melted at the awesome combination of the gameplay, and the music (this is roughly the version of it that I heard while playing). Unsurprisingly, the music is enjoyable all by itself, and after having this tab open in my browser for years, I finally ponied up the paltry sum to own it for myself (and say thanks to Disasterpeace). #

2014.08.31 Abandonauts - Adam Atomic

Abandonauts - Adam Atomic

Adam "Atomic" Satlsman (of Canabalt fame) put these files out the other day for any/all to use. I'm not a game developer, nor do I ever intend to be, but some part of me wants to hang on to these files... just in case I might need them for something. #

2014.08.30 Master of Play - The New Yorker

Master of Play - The New Yorker

What an interesting view into Shigeru Miyamoto - a man to whom I owe many thanks for taking my imagination to great places. I've had this sitting on my to-read list for a while, but once I actually started, I felt like I couldn't stop. I'm not sure I could go so far as to read a whole novel about him (yet), but this certainly filled my need for now. #

2014.08.20 The Sailor's Dream by Simogo

The Sailor's Dream by Simogo

This is a bit out of my norm, but I'm looking forward to this game. I've played other games by Simogo, and have really liked them. The concept and artwork behind this are appealing, and I find myself sucked in. #

2014.07.07 The Rise of Nintendo: A Story in 8 Bits

The Rise of Nintendo: A Story in 8 Bits

This was a great, and rather quick read about some of the history of a company that makes some of my favorite products. This is an excerpt of Console Wars, by Blake Harris. I knew Nintendo started as a playing card "company", but didn't know the pieces in between (nor the interesting lawsuit by MCA Universal in regards to King Kong). I'd be curious to know if the book is as good as this one excerpt. (credit to my brother for sending me this article nearly two months ago) #

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