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2009.09.30 100 Greatest YouTube Hits in 4 Mins

I'm mildly ashamed of how many of these I've already seen. If you haven't seen them before, this is a great place to save lots of time. #

2009.08.12 Translation Party

Type something in English, and this goes in cycles converting it to and from Japanese... until you find a perfect example like this. Entertaining for a few minutes. #

2008.03.10 Olla Podrida PLEXUS Puzzle

We had a few of these when I was growing up. They were pretty fun then, and I essentially forgot about them. This one wasn't too difficult to figure out. #

2008.02.22 SayNoToCrack's Top 5 Drivethru Songs

Pretty fun stuff. Can't believe people have this kind of time, but if it's something you enjoy, you'll make time for it. #

2008.02.21 Phun

Phun is a playground for the creative mind where machines and toys can be easily created. Phun certainly looks fun. I doubt I'll make the time to play around with it like the people in the sample videos. Neat idea. #

2007.11.30 Chat Noir - Flash game

Nothing like Bloxorz, but still fun for at least 10 minutes. #

2007.10.16 The Pedal-to-the-Metal, Totally Illegal, Cross-Country Sprint for Glory

Insane... I need to see the original movie, but this is just nuts. #

2007.10.09 Ten Whatchamacallits And Their Real Names - The List Universe

Scary that I knew at least 3 of these already. Such trivial info. :) #

2007.09.26 YouTube - One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

Learn how to romance a girl with one semester of spanish put to a catchy song. Funny stuff. #

2007.09.24 Rob Nance: Portfolio - 2D Illustrations

Great.... a David Hasselhoff cut-out. Funny stuff. #

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