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2019.02.28 Star Wars RPG Character Sheet

Star Wars RPG Character Sheet

To further cement my nerdom, I started playing my first tabletop RPG - Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Having never played any RPG before, I can say this one has been fun - though it's quite depressing to see how pathetic my own imagination is, as we collaboratively try to tell the story. Regardless, the DM/GM of the game showed up one day with these papers, but couldn't remember where he got them. They're handy, if you come up with your own character, and need to keep notes. (Too bad the original author no longer seems to have a website.) #

2014.07.03 Smarty Pins

Smarty Pins

This is a really simple and fun game, which teaches you geography using Google Maps. Read the clue, identify the place, get points deducted for how far you are from the right answer, and get a small bonus for answering quickly. I've played a handful of times, and will undoubtedly play it more. #

2014.02.01 The Morning News - Good Gift Games 2013

The Morning News - Good Gift Games 2013

I don't know where I first learned of this list (probably Twitter), but I'll be sure to check here again at the end of this year. This year I got Jaipur (a 2010 recommendation), and I really enjoy it. Matthew Baldwin clearly is into games, and his Good Gift Games Greatest Hits has already made me add multiple games to my ever-maintained wish list. Too bad my wife doesn't enjoy games as much as I do. #

2013.01.27 FS-UAE Amiga Emulator

FS-UAE Amiga Emulator

Truth be told, I wasn't always a Mac/Apple user. Our first computer at our house was actually an Amiga. Unlike Apple, they weren't able to make the crawl out of financial despair. The other day I wondered if I could actually find the old game I used to play on our Amiga back in the 80's. Thanks to this emulator, a kickstart ROM, and the Boomerang & Dominion & Shark & Gerbils & Startrek ROM, I was able to relive a moment of my childhood (although my brother claimed he doesn't recognize the game when I sent him a screen shot). That computer lived for a few more years, until we ended up with a swarthy Performa 6200CD (with a 75 MHz PowerPC, we were livin' large). #

2012.11.30 Artisan Playing Cards - theory11.com

Artisan Playing Cards - theory11.com

I love the design of these cards. It doesn't look like any faces are customized apart from the usual Ace of Spades and Joker, but those designs, as well as the design of the box and card backs, I think they're gorgeous. Last time I bought cards from Theory11 (which was for a few boxes of these Sentinals), I was blown away. Those were/are gorgeous cards. And, I've said nothing of the cool laser-etched wood box you can buy as well. #

2011.01.17 World Famous Design Junkies - The Ace of Spades

World Famous Design Junkies - The Ace of Spades

I like this collection of photos of the focal point of any deck of cards - the Ace of Spades. It'd be nice if the pictures were closer of the individual cards (and if their site weren't so appallingly slow). #

2010.12.27 Make Magazine: Super Mario Bros Level Cake

Make Magazine: Super Mario Bros Level Cake

There aren't many details about the cake (see: none), but it looks awesome. I'm not a big fan of fondant, and the cake looks too cool to eat anyway. #

2010.05.17 Bicycle Personalized Playing Cards

Upload an image to be on the back of the cards in the deck. Might be nice to commemorate a small event where they're guaranteed to be used... like the one I have coming up in just a couple months. #

2010.04.29 Super Mario Crossover

Good. Gravy. Combine two of my favorite characters? Sweeeeet. #

2010.02.04 Monopoly goes circular for 75th Anniversary

Monopoly goes circular for 75th Anniversary

I enjoy the game, though I hardly ever play it because it tends to put people in a bad mood. In this circular design for their 75th anniversary, I think the larger (former corner) spaces on the board will help certain sides or stretches of the board to be easily recognized. Not sure how I feel about the digital banker. #

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