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2012.06.12 Idlewild | Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Idlewild | Hoefler & Frere-Jones

I, like many others, love this new typeface from Hoefler & Frere-Jones. As a person who doesn't design much these days (except for occasional things for myself), it's hard to justify the cost. I also love the sample pairings they show at the bottom of the page (and on the Features page). It's a bit too sleek/modern for the project I'm currently working on, but I would love to have this typeface as an option for an accent. #

2011.05.12 Calgary Script by Sudtipos Type

Calgary Script by Sudtipos Type

I love this typeface, and I know I've talked about it before, but I've never linked directly to it. In your mind you can see the old store with their deals of the week painted on the windows, the candy display at the front, the narrow aisles, the wide array of products, and the man out front spraying off his sidewalk. #

2010.09.21 akaDora font

akaDora font

Sadly, I don't remember how I found this typeface, just that I like it. It feels like fancy vintage window painting hand lettering. You know what I mean. #

2010.04.22 The Ministry of Type - Handyman’s Modern Manuals

The Ministry of Type - Handyman’s Modern Manuals

A great find from an old Popular Science magazine, and a terrific new rendering. Additionally the site referenced The Ministry of Type has been added to my feed reader. #

2010.01.21 Ripe Typeface | Ripe Type

Ripe Typeface | Ripe Type

I've been on the lookout for a typeface that has a certain feel to it. This particular example is nice and open, playful, and communicates a slight disregard for uniformity. This just might be perfect, and the price tag doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. #

2009.11.16 League Gothic - The League of Moveable Type

League Gothic - The League of Moveable Type

While I'm on typefaces, The League of Moveable Type was good enough to notice that Morris Fuller Benton's classic Alternate Gothic No. 1 is in the public domain, and they made their own version, which I really like. I admit, I've been enjoying Gothic-style typefaces lately. I just might like this one more than Public Gothic, which I found the other day. #

2009.11.16 Deibi v1.0 - free font on the Behance Network

Deibi v1.0 - free font on the Behance Network

A free, informal, playful, hand-written-esque typeface that I imagine I could put to use on a G2 album, or something like that. #

2009.11.02 Public Gothic ~ Antrepo4.com

Public Gothic ~ Antrepo4.com

An industrial-looking, condensed, bold typeface (in rounded and square varieties). I've been wanting to look for a new typeface or two in this general style, and this one came across the screen (I'd like to get some lighter varieties as well, but they're not available yet). It's still in progress, but free for commercial and non-commercial use. The download process is stupid, but it's a good looking typeface. #

2009.10.28 Font Squirrel | Sansumi by Manfred Klein Fonteria

A delightfully clean and modern typeface... free and compatible with @font-face as a bonus. #

2009.09.28 havar.info » Extract fonts from PDF files using FontForge

A handy little bit to be able to pull a font out of a PDF. Nice to know of this open source font editor, since I usually just want to tweak something, not create one from scratch. #

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