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2010.08.20 Patterns for Colouring

Patterns for Colouring

I wish this would have existed when I was a kid. This blog is full of patterns and drawings that are just waiting to be colored. Although I really liked a lot of these, I've printed off #2 and #54 to revisit my colored pencil collection. Kudos to Carlton Hibbert (the blog's author) for doing this. Truly awesome. #

2010.01.19 Visual Timeline of Crayola Color Changes

Visual Timeline of Crayola Color Changes

An interesting visual representation and analysis on the development of Crayola's color line. I wonder how close the colors fit the actual colors created by Crayola - perfect or not, it's interesting. #

2009.09.18 The secret of school success - USATODAY.com

Master yourself and you'll master school as well. Understand the rewards of sacrifices, get your desires and emotions in check and you'll do better. Sent to me by my mother. (goes perfectly with the video I posted as well) #

2009.09.18 Oh, The Temptation - Vimeo

A charming video showing some kids given a choice: eat this one marshmallow, or leave it alone while I step out of the room, and if you don't eat it while I'm gone, you get a second one. Couldn't have been better timed thanks to the article I just linked to#

2009.09.01 In My Shoes: Fall collection in progress

A kindergarten-aged child sketched her own clothes, and her mother was kind enough to create the drawings for the child. I'm sure my wife would love this idea, and might even venture to do it herself, especially considering the artistic abilities of my oldest daughter. #

2009.08.28 Playgrounder - The Buyers Guide for Kids and Parents

A well-curated listing of toys, trinkets, clothing, accessories, etc for kids, from Dan Benjamin. #

2009.07.11 KidWash 2 : PVC Sprinkler Water Toy

For the day when I have room to store something like this... I can't help but flag this idea. #

2009.06.19 Mid-century Children's Books

A great set of scanned children's books from… the middle of the (20th) century. I'm a sucker for art from that time period. #

2009.05.25 Official Tooth Fairy Kit

Very slick letterpress Certificate of Record for reporting and documenting lost teeth with the appropriate authorities. At $16 just for the records, however, this whole tooth fairy thing is pretty expensive. (another old link revived) #

2009.05.19 Sigrid Martinez - Animalphabet

Sigrid Martinez - Animalphabet

I really like this alphabet print, and think the illustration style is even better. Lots of fun! (though I suppose it could be difficult for kids, since the letters aren't perfectly aligned and the names are written in cursive) #

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