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2018.08.27 Vomit Comic Robot

Vomit Comic Robot

I love these types of projects, but have a not-so-secret reason as to why. My son desperately wants his own price scanner, and receipt printer - and it's not one of those passing desires of his. Honestly, I don't really know why, but I guess I don't really have to know. With that in mind, I'd love to create him his own, and yet I have no clue where to start. I have this smattering of links I hope to piece together and alter to make my own creation:

2018.08.27 Making "Welcome Home"

Making "Welcome Home"

I really liked the original Spike Jonze spot "Welcome Home" for Apple's HomePod. I've enjoyed several music videos by him. The combination of the music, scenery, and dancing was a home-run in my mind. Subsequently, this behind-the-scenes view is fascinating. I've had this tab open in my browser, meaning to bookmark it, for basically the past five months, and watched it several times. #

2018.08.27 3D Print a Fisher Price Record

3D Print a Fisher Price Record

Ever since Strong Bad tweeted about how to make your own, I've had grand dreams of making my own records, but with different children's songs (or potentially some non-children's songs). Regardless, I love that there are nerdy people in the world who take the time to come up with stuff like this. Very cool. #

2018.08.27 Havaianas - Mario Bros Flip Flops

Havaianas - Mario Bros Flip Flops

Although I don't have the self-confidence to wear these (and the availability of my size is questionable), the Super Mario World nod is fantastic. I wonder if they sell a cape with these. #

2018.08.27 Mandy Barker - Penalty

Mandy Barker - Penalty

A sad topic, but ultimately beautiful artwork. Be sure to check out her other work. Seem like great candidates for phone wallpaper, to me. Unobtrusive, but still attractive... and maybe a good reminder of our wasteful ways (and encouragement to improve). #

2018.08.27 Pinny Arcade - Mario Kart

Pinny Arcade - Mario Kart

For whatever reason, I've always thought of Pinny Arcade as an event/thing only happening at PAX, which I'm highly unlikely to ever attend. Little did I know, they sell pins all the time. I could spend too much money right now on pins that will likely only ever end up in a little box for me to fawn over later. #

2018.02.26 Create a Retro Long Shadow Text Effect in Illustrator

Create a Retro Long Shadow Text Effect in Illustrator

I've always enjoyed these sorts of "How to" posts. Illustrator remains an elusive beast in my life, despite how much I've enjoyed creating vector-based artwork. My particular highlight of this post was the gentle offset gaussian blur, which I didn't really notice until I followed the steps, but it adds such an important detail. #

2018.01.26 How To Photograph Your Son

How To Photograph Your Son

Maybe it's just me reminiscing about carrying around a good camera, and taking pictures. Maybe it's solid advice. Either way, I liked this article, and plan to incorporate the advice. #

2018.01.26 Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

I've seen this in others, and probably in myself as well. I'm not a psychiatrist, or anybody qualified to share medical opinions, but I'm not convinced depression is a chemically-induced situation in all cases. This article is good to keep in mind for me and others. It'd probably be interesting to read his book#

2017.08.07 Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Maybe it's because he's somebody I feel like I know (thanks to his movies), but I really enjoyed the candor and approach to sharing that Jim shows. I've never felt very artistic, but I'm continually drawn to try something. Regardless, I think the six minutes needed to watch this are well spent. #

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