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2010.10.02 Rhymes with Orange - Dog Scrapbooks

Rhymes with Orange - Dog Scrapbooks

It's funny, because it'd be true (and gross, but that's how dogs are). From 9/23/2010. #

2010.06.30 Old Spice - Questions (YouTube)

I thoroughly enjoyed the original, and although this follow-up doesn't have the uniqueness that the first had, it's still pretty awesome. Swan dive! Into the sequel. #

2010.06.29 You are Being Monitored

You are Being Monitored

Glad to see that funny people can even make fun of Big Brother. #

2010.06.15 How to pull out a tooth with a rocket... - YouTube

Forget the old "tie a string around it and attach the other end of the string to a door" routine. #

2010.06.11 How Twilight Works - The Oatmeal

How Twilight Works - The Oatmeal

I admit I read (listened to) all four books, just to try to figure out what it was all about. Although I didn't really figure it out, this sure helps. #

2010.06.04 Poison Apple

Poison Apple

This would have been an entertaining t-shirt, except few people would have understood it. (Let's just say, Adobe's Flash and Apple's mobile products don't get along, and there's been more of a stink about it lately.) #

2010.05.28 McSweeney's - Senior Pranks

I began laughing out loud at the first one. Seriously. #

2010.05.01 Fun With Secret Questions & Answers

Make the phone rep at the bank feel as awkward as possible. A great idea, albeit fairly inappropriate. #

2010.04.16 McSweeney's: Mario and the Bible

Talking reptiles. #

2010.04.16 Hyperbole and a Half: Alot

Hyperbole and a Half: Alot


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