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2014.05.17 The Running Bum as Sad and Admirable

The Running Bum as Sad and Admirable

I'm not a runner. It's never been something that has appealed to me. It's endless pain and torment. I feel no joy staring at a long road, down which I've "chosen" to run. All of this dislike aside, Jeff has a great line within this post:

We wake again and again to ourselves in the middle of life somehow, bound to a contract of habit that we don't remember signing. This is the case for everyone.

I took this on a more spiritual level than he intended, but it applies to everyone. At some point, I hope you live your life intentionally, and don't live it by default. #

2014.05.17 The Roast in the Fridge

The Roast in the Fridge

That moment has stayed with me my whole life—that cool, controlled response to a threat, the absolute refusal to play the victim. In ... my mother’s calm dispatch of a home invader, I witnessed the assertion of one’s basic right to live life without being f***ed with. And I saw the power of that assertion.

What a great example from a mother. #

2014.05.17 Speedometer Confusion

Speedometer Confusion

How simple.

The number on the speedometer isn't always an indication of how fast you're getting to where you're going.

So often we forget that. Focus. #

2014.04.18 The Art of Waiting

The Art of Waiting

I really liked this essay. I feel like we all can too easily get into the funk of not. Of waiting. Of not yet.

That’s why ... any other restrictive circumstance can be dangerous: They make dreams too painful to bear. To avoid longing, we hunker down, wait, and resolve to just survive. Great art becomes a reminder of the art you want to be making, and of the gigantic world outside of your small, seemingly inescapable one. We hide from great things because they inspire us, and in this state, inspiration hurts.

And yes, I did the simple math to figure out how young the author was/is. Despite his age, there's some solid insight here. #

2014.04.14 Density Playing Card Deck

Density Playing Card Deck

I collect things. It's true. It annoys my wife, but I try to keep it under control. I love playing cards, and Roni Lagin's Density cards look really cool. I don't know if it's the guilloche-like patterns, or what. If you're pining to get something for me as a surprise, look no further. #

2014.03.16 Napoleon Dynamite by Pierre Bouttier (Dribbble)

Napoleon Dynamite by Pierre Bouttier (Dribbble)

I love this Dribbble shot/rebound by Pierre Bouttier. The progression of the shots is fun to watch, and I love that Uncle Rico here looks like he may actually be capable of throwing a pigskin a quarter mile, unlike the reality of being unable to throw it a quarter of a football field. #

2014.02.26 Art of the Title - The Lego Movie

Art of the Title - The Lego Movie

A fascinating read-through of the title sequence of The Lego Movie. I can only imagine having that many Lego pieces to work with, and being able to spend that much time playing working with them. Admittedly, I just follow the instructions, but I also don't mind if my kids play with them. #

2014.02.16 Star Wars 80's High School

Star Wars 80's High School

I love this concept art by Denis Medri for Star Wars as an 80's high school film. It's not that I'm even a big fan of Star Wars, and especially not of 80's high school movies, but this is great. #

2013.06.06 Spiced Holiday Punch by Simon Frouws

Spiced Holiday Punch by Simon Frouws

I saw this almost two months ago, and haven't closed the tab in my browser. I love the detail of this, the colors, and the overall feel of it. What great work by Simon Frouws. #

2012.05.16 Kathryn Schulz: Don't regret regret

Kathryn Schulz: Don't regret regret

An interesting, extended example of her own regret on a tattoo, but how regret should impact the rest of us:

"If we have goals and dreams and we want to do our best, and if we love people and we don't want to hurt them or lose them, we should feel pain when things go wrong. The point isn’t to live without any regrets, the point is to not hate ourselves for having them… We need to learn to love the flawed, imperfect things that we create, and to forgive ourselves for creating them. Regret doesn't remind us that we did badly — it reminds us that we know we can do better."

Well said. #

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