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2014.07.25 Jian Guo - Lord of the Rings Covers

Jian Guo - Lord of the Rings Covers

These are gorgeous designs submitted for a contest for Chinese versions of The Lord of the Rings. There are so many nice touches. Looking around Jian's other work, these seem slightly out of style for him, yet still close enough. I'd probably buy a nice trio of these if they were prints, even if only available in Chinese. #

2014.07.24 You are not a storyteller - Stefan Sagmeister

You are not a storyteller - Stefan Sagmeister

Simple, straightforward input on people like you who are clearly under the wrong impression that you're a storyteller. You're not. Probably. #

2014.07.11 US Trade Emblems by Arno Kathollnig

US Trade Emblems by Arno Kathollnig

Really clever design, especially on that upper-right one. Sure, it has a hint of renaissance-era type, but I love how the type hints at that classic shield form. The added bonus here is the accompanying vector files. Awesome. I came upon these after seeing Arno's stamps in the Dribbble 5th Anniversary blog post. Looking through his work on here, I see these aren't a fluke. Well done. #

2014.07.03 World Cup Stamps 2014

World Cup Stamps 2014

A great concept, and a shame that it's just a self-project. I've thoroughly enjoyed this year's World Cup, and these would be a great commemoration of that. #

2014.03.30 Pop Chart Labs - Diagram of Dogs

Pop Chart Labs - Diagram of Dogs

I've spent too much time looking over this diagram, seeing how different dogs and breeds are related and connected. I'm not so much of a dog person that I'd want a print of this, but maybe you are. Regardless, it's really cool. #

2014.02.26 Art of the Title - The Lego Movie

Art of the Title - The Lego Movie

A fascinating read-through of the title sequence of The Lego Movie. I can only imagine having that many Lego pieces to work with, and being able to spend that much time playing working with them. Admittedly, I just follow the instructions, but I also don't mind if my kids play with them. #

2014.02.16 Star Wars 80's High School

Star Wars 80's High School

I love this concept art by Denis Medri for Star Wars as an 80's high school film. It's not that I'm even a big fan of Star Wars, and especially not of 80's high school movies, but this is great. #

2013.09.20 Dribbble - Puffin by Josh Williams

Dribbble - Puffin by Josh Williams

I love this. I'm not sure if it's the lines, or the colors, or the abstraction, or what. This is the first I've seen of Josh's work, but if the rest of it is as thoughtful and well made as this, I may have a new man crush. #

2013.06.06 Spiced Holiday Punch by Simon Frouws

Spiced Holiday Punch by Simon Frouws

I saw this almost two months ago, and haven't closed the tab in my browser. I love the detail of this, the colors, and the overall feel of it. What great work by Simon Frouws. #

2012.11.26 Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

I'd like to have a bowl of cereal right now, thanks in part to an insubstantial lunch, and the memories of staring at each of these boxes growing up. Even after all these years, I still think Corn Flakes is a crappy cereal. #

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