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2014.01.02 Dave Perillo - Charlie Brown Christmas

Dave Perillo - Charlie Brown Christmas

Like most other posters I want (or even end up buying), I have no clue what I'd do with this. I'd probably give this to my mother who loves this movie, and laughs at loud at her favorite character - Snoopy. #

2013.08.12 Have a Nice Day Street Sign - PleatedJeans.com

Have a Nice Day Street Sign - PleatedJeans.com

I wish I would have thought of this one while I was making my own rather useless flyers. Add this to the Lionel Richie flyer, and you're set. #

2013.06.13 Field Notes - "Night Sky" Edition

Field Notes - "Night Sky" Edition

I admit I'm an absolute sucker for Field Notes. I love the feel of them, and especially love the quarterly editions they come out with. This one is, unsurprisingly, right up my alley as well. I love the black, the constellations, the "reticle graph" pattern inside, and the seal of the perfect staples. I've already ordered one three-pack, but if you wanted to buy me more, that wouldn't hurt my feelings. Hurry up, though, since they'll go fast. #

2013.01.27 Etchpop Woodblock Prints

Etchpop Woodblock Prints

Want to make your own custom woodblock prints? Now you can, with ease. Sure, you still need to go through the effort of rolling out each one, but that's the point - they're individually made… by hand. Don't get me wrong, the insane beauty of multi-layered Japanese woodblock prints is unparalleled, but still, this is pretty cool. I'd go for something fairly small, so I could use it as stationary, but then again, nobody is offering to buy one for me. #

2012.11.30 Artisan Playing Cards - theory11.com

Artisan Playing Cards - theory11.com

I love the design of these cards. It doesn't look like any faces are customized apart from the usual Ace of Spades and Joker, but those designs, as well as the design of the box and card backs, I think they're gorgeous. Last time I bought cards from Theory11 (which was for a few boxes of these Sentinals), I was blown away. Those were/are gorgeous cards. And, I've said nothing of the cool laser-etched wood box you can buy as well. #

2012.11.26 Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

I'd like to have a bowl of cereal right now, thanks in part to an insubstantial lunch, and the memories of staring at each of these boxes growing up. Even after all these years, I still think Corn Flakes is a crappy cereal. #

2012.11.26 DKNG Studios - The Films of Wes Anderson

DKNG Studios - The Films of Wes Anderson

I'm not a devout fan of Wes Anderson's films, but I've enjoyed those that I've seen, and I like the feel of each of them. As you might guess, I really like the design of this poster, and the insight into the design process. #

2011.05.12 Athenaeum - Classic Bowling

Athenaeum - Classic Bowling

A great print of an all-time-classic local landmark. I've been there many times and have many fond memories associated with this old place. I'm waiting for it to be in a smaller (and hopefully less-expensive) size. If you're from Salt Lake, you should check out the other work for sale as well, since there is a variety of other local pieces. (I linked to this print prior to the ma.gnolia crash, but obviously lost the link, and only found this recently.) #

2011.03.05 DKNG's Cake Poster

DKNG's Cake Poster

$25 will buy me this gift. Hang on to it for my birthday or Christmas. I'm fine with that. It'll sell out by the time either of those happen again, so you should do it now. I love the touches to this print that a Cake fan would notice. The most obvious is the large fuzzy dice that still hang proudly like uh... um... well... they hang from the rear view mirror. #

2011.03.05 BAKER Business Card - FPO (For Print Only)

BAKER Business Card - FPO (For Print Only)

There's so much I like about these business cards, but I especially like the unique dimensions and the varied fronts (yet the unifying back). You can be so boring with the same 'ol business cards as everybody else in your company, but it's nice that everybody gets the chance to be a little different on these. #

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