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2014.02.01 The Museum of Mario

The Museum of Mario

Yet another item I forgot to link to a while ago. I enjoyed this trip down memory lane for the various version of Mario. Admittedly, the first Mario I beat was actually Super Mario Bros. 2 (which some would call an abomination), but the introduction of Toad into the family has changed things forever. #

2014.01.30 It's Dangerous to Post Flyers Alone - Take This

It's Dangerous to Post Flyers Alone - Take This

This Zelda flyer is an old find, but I've been wanting to link to this for a while. Add this the other useless flyers and those out there. #

2013.08.12 RetroN 3 NES/SNES/SEGA


I'm not sure why I don't own one of these. It plays two of my favorite systems. Really, I'd love for it to have the N64 instead of the Sega piece, but still. $60, and I'm on my way to retro gaming happiness. #

2013.06.19 Gunpoint


Looks like a really entertaining game (be sure to watch the video in full screen), with my main draw being the puzzle aspect of rewiring the systems/lights/whatever to complete the task. I can do without the punching/shooting, but whatever. $9 on Steam, with a free trial available - PC-only for now. #

2013.06.13 FEZ


I know FEZ II just got announced today, but I'm still stuck on the original, because I've never played it. "...You play as Gomez, a 2D creature living in what he believes is a 2D world. Until a strange and powerful artifact reveals to him the existence of a mysterious third dimension." I've had a tab in my browser open to the trailer for this for weeks, and I re-watch it every day, trying to wrap my mind around this. Thankfully, they also released this game for PC and not just XBox, and it's just $10. Now to find a PC I can play this on (and to convince my wife I can buy it...) #

2013.04.12 Zelda - Clockwork Empire

Zelda - Clockwork Empire Zelda - Clockwork Empire

"Inspired by Anita Sarkeesian’s Video Game Tropes vs Women, I wanted to pitch a Zelda game where Zelda herself was the hero, rescuing a Prince Link."

I love the idea, and the sample artwork and write-up are spot-on. I'd love to play this game (although I doubt Nintendo would actually do it - which is a shame). #

2012.12.03 Enjoy - OS X

Enjoy - OS X

This handy little OS X application will let you use that non-standard gamepad (like an old school SNES gamepad, along with one of Retro USB's USB Super RetroPort), and use it in any application. USB Overdrive can too, but it's too much for my purposes. Now don't get me wrong, Richard Bannister's perfect Emulator Enhancer is all you need for SNES9X, Nestopia, or Visual Boy Advance. One of its best features is the ease of being able to turn it on/off, and to have different profiles for different programs… and you can't beat the price. #

2012.11.17 Spelunky v1.3 (and Source)

Spelunky v1.3 (and Source)

I'm clearly late to the game on Spelunky, but I have don't own an XBox, nor do I intend to play games on a PC… but on my Mac? Absofruitly. The controls are a bit weird to get used to, and there is no doubt that the game is hard, but I agree with Andy - it feels fair. To keep you interested, I love that the levels are random. I'm just trying not to get my butt kicked. Maybe this next time I play that won't happen. #

2012.11.12 Retro Game Crunch - Kickstarter

Retro Game Crunch - Kickstarter

It's no secret I pretty much have a man crush on Shaun Inman. Now he's gone and come up with a Kickstarter project involving the same two collaborators as he worked with for Super Clew Land. You should back it. $25 for 6 7 games from him is a bargain, though that $75 tier sure looks appealing. #

2011.04.18 Unplayed // ShaunInman

Unplayed // ShaunInman

A super simple way of keeping track of your video games in their various stages (Unplayed, Unbeaten, Beaten, Abandoned). Already installed this for myself, and updated my own (incomplete) lists#

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