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2014.04.18 Web Hosting for App Developers

Web Hosting for App Developers

This was all over my corner of the interwebs a few weeks ago. I'm not an app developer (yet?), but I value the simple advice for setting up a web server. For a year I tried one of those hosts he mentions. I actually really liked it, but couldn't justify the cost considering this website is... well, it's not like it's making me rich, or even paying for itself at this point. At any rate, Marco's advice is solid, to the point of making we want to give it another shot, if for nothing else than the speed of a VPS. #

2014.03.30 UserStyles.org with Twitter

UserStyles.org with Twitter

I forgot to say something about this last year when Twitter implemented their new obnoxious layout (of auto-showing all pictures and videos). Thankfully, I had largely forgotten it, thanks to this easily installed hack. Here you can somewhat see a before and after. #

2014.02.01 Simpsons in CSS

Simpsons in CSS

Chris Pattle (3 months ago) posted the Simpsons characters done in pure CSS. Unfortunately, he seems to have removed his blog post about it, as well as the link to the main repo. So, I'll hesitantly link to a forked version of it here, and have posted the zipped archive on my site as well. #

2013.01.27 Kirby CMS

Kirby CMS

I'm to the point that I think my site is bloated. Although I like Movable Type (which is what runs this site), it's too heavy these days for what I need/want out of a site. Kirby CMS is almost in the complete opposite direction - a completely file-based CMS. I've been toying with it locally for a few weeks, and although I'm not ready to say I'm going for it, I can certainly see examples of how/when I'd use it. $40 to be database free, and insanely flexible. Very very tempting. #

2012.05.25 Styled Directory Listings

Styled Directory Listings

I love Ethan Marcotte/@beep's bukk.it. From what I can tell, it serves various purposes for him. Possibly the most entertaining purpose, is the image-only Twitter conversations he has he has with them, where those images play center stage. Completely inspired by this collection of images, a while ago I started collecting my own set of images. My collection is lots smaller than his, and seriously pales in comparison. Despite that, I wanted my collection to look better to the casual browser. With that in mind, I found this handy set of files, which does just what I wanted - list files, just in a way that looks nicer than the apache system default (and fittingly enough, mentions bukk.it (though not by name) as its base example of a file listing). I quickly put these files in place over at g.lbs.im. I added a couple pieces that would display the file size in a flexible way (in KB, MB, GB, etc), formats the date better, and also hides a couple system files that have to appear (thanks to my host). If you end up wanting those additions, I'm happy to share, just drop me a line#

2011.04.18 Unplayed // ShaunInman

Unplayed // ShaunInman

A super simple way of keeping track of your video games in their various stages (Unplayed, Unbeaten, Beaten, Abandoned). Already installed this for myself, and updated my own (incomplete) lists#

2011.03.05 Full Text RSS Feed

Full Text RSS Feed

"Get the whole feed and nothing but the feed." I despise truncated RSS feeds. Don't be a turd by giving me only a portion of your article. #

2010.05.15 Store Front - Movable Type Plugin

If your site is powered by Movable Type, and you want to sell stuff, now you can easily do that all in the same system. I've wondered about doing this more than once, and I love that it's finally possible. #

2010.02.11 DummyImage.com

A simple utility that will come in extremely handy for when I (or any web geek) needs placeholder images of a specific height. He kindly provides the PHP scripts so you can run it on your own server as well. #

2009.09.10 Embeddable Google Document Viewer

A very handy discovery for your PDF-viewing purposes. Use the power of Google to allow people to view PDF's instead of having to use some bloated Adobe plugin.

<iframe src="http://docs.google.com/gview?url=http://infolab.stanford.edu/pub/papers/google.pdf&embedded=true" style="width:600px; height:500px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Replace the bolded part with the file, and you're good to go. (special bonus is that it works on powerpoint files as well. Start raising the office roof!) #

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