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July 2010

@candiegal So… what happened? (P.S. Follow me, yo)

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I’ve recreated the destroyed tile work that @cabel found the other day.

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Finally read . It’s a great little book, and highly recommended.

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@rands Congratulations, again. I look forward to reading it.

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Epic-crash-free road trip complete. Just another step towards recovery.

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@johndilworth Agreed. They’re too loud, but *making* me partly deaf.

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Vacation means I’m more current, yet less active on Twitter. Also, breakfast burritos.

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iOS 4.0.1 - “Fewer bars in more places.”

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@rands Where’s that background image from?

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Pre-ordered a certain HTML 5 book that reportedly shipped June 25th, but has yet to arrive. It probably shipped via media mail. Frustrating.

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My iPod Classic mysteriously self-semi-fried (still plays music, won’t mount). The annual iPod event can’t come soon enough.

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@danbenjamin Should we start a countdown to when @gruber writes an homage to him?

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@PattiAnastasia That’s a meeting that wouldn’t put me to sleep. What do you have planned for so many berries?

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@ashesapp When can we expect to see the iPhone version? Soon after these bug fixes?

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Anatomy explanation # 1,472.

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@cliftonite If your aol rule is true, I just aged significantly. And got hair on my back.

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