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June 2018

@jessicahische I’d guess they’re just related… but did you do the search with quotes around the term(s)?

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The suggested serving size for Mentos fruit is 1 piece? Honestly, how did that get approved? More like 1 package.

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@joenobk Creeping around, slowly lowering the temperature in your fridge, hoping to sabotage your La Croix.

It me.

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“Parenting is easier than it looks” - No one, ever.

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I love watching goal celebration videos from a team’s home country. All those people collectively going nuts. It’s so cool.

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What if I was a kid when I attended the rodeo? I can barely remember that thing. Does that still mean I’m…gO

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cottonbureau Ok we need your help settling a heated office debate…@YupItsCaitlinin is claiming Grease 2 is better than Grease.…uszb

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@rogbennett 35% are finding out today.
15% already knew.
The remaining 50% will never know.

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@rogbennett “American Fiasco” - A demonstration of how good a podcast can be, if you actually try.

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Not sure how good syrup is going to taste on a burger.

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@bobtiki The wheel? Python? Pip? The wheel? You can make better jokes than that. ;)

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I’m finding it difficult to truly enjoy La Croix. I’m sorry if we can’t be friends because of this.

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@RobertMaguire_ @darth darth my fren where is the “commander” yelling at a poor chunk of cheese on the lawn


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@SQLProApp Typo alert - When importing a CSV (before selecting “New Table”) the target column type is listed as…ly

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@FortuneCookieBI @joenobk The pig bomb is real, and already has claimed former sister nations.…

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New Gmail - why the huge side bar? Also, they _really_ want you to pay attention to that arrow next to the sender. Weird.

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@marcoarment @rands Great tip (seriously). Now turning this back off…

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“Sunnies.” Nope.

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@rands Oh, so it’s okay for clowns to juggle burning things, but not to juggle things while nearly burning?

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@willie Hopefully not so old to think that companies can’t change. (notice all the referenced dates on the Wiki page about it…)

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More like Didchoreserday amiright?

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@natemcdermott @darth I’ve tried both the Skittles and Starbursts now as well. I think they’re… pretty good. I…gy

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@rogbennett Congratulations! Welcome to this fine brotherhood of immigrants working to form a more perfect union. “…83

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